Daily Dawg Tags: McCarron’s hat choice is apparently news


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We are surely in a slow news cycle as there are multiple reports coming out that soon-to-be free agent A.J. McCarron has been spotted wearing a Cleveland Browns hat. It’s newsworthy because he plays quarterback and the team needs one, but more than one person reporting it shows how little is going on.

On top of that, he was of course traded to the Browns by the Cincinnati Bengals. That trade fell through, and now many hope the two find one another again.

Even during this slow tim, there’s still plenty of news to keep up with. So find out about McCarron’s choice of head covering and much more in today’s edition of the Daily Dawg Tags.

Cleveland Browns News

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Second report says AJ McCarron wore Browns hat at Senior Bowl — Josh Edwards, 247 Sports

"There was a report during the Senior Bowl that Cincinnati Bengals quarterback AJ McCarron was wearing a Cleveland Browns hat at the Senior Bowl.The report was denied by some others and there was no one else to back it up. During a recent ‘Scanning the Field’ podcast, Optimum Scouting’s Eric Galko confirmed that he too saw McCarron wearing a Browns hat while sitting in the stands. Galko also said that he expects McCarron to sign with Cleveland this off-season."

NFL News

The Offseason of Quarterback Movement: Early Guesses on Who Goes Where in Free Agency, Draft — Peter King, SI

"Free agency is 24 years old. Since the dawn of it, I don’t remember a year (because there hasn’t been one) with the same combined level of depth at quarterback in the free market and in the draft."

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2018 NFL Mock Draft: Patriots eye Tom Brady’s successor — NFL Spin Zone

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