Cleveland Browns: Is Pacman Jones worth a look?

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The Cleveland Browns need serious veteran help in the secondary. Would a guy like Adam “Pacman” Jones be a good fit? There’s only one way to find out.

The Cleveland Browns need serious veteran help in the secondary. Would a guy like Adam “Pacman” Jones be a good fit?

Last Friday, the Cincinnati Bengals informed Adam “Pacman” Jones that they would not be picking up his option for next year. This effectively makes him a free agent.

The Cleveland Browns are in serious need of veteran experience at cornerback. They could also use an effective punt returner. Adam “Pacman” Jones fits both of those descriptions.

If you are laughing right now, rest assured so is everyone else. Pacman comes with so much risk that he is toxic to everyone in the league. Toxic to everyone except Paul Brown and the Bengals coaching staff. A staff that formerly included current Browns head coach Hue Jackson.

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Jackson served as Jones’ position coach in 2012. It would stand to reason that Hue Jackson would have a pretty good idea of who Adam Jones is and how to handle him.

Further, Jones would fit into Gregg Williams scheme nicely. He is a corner who excels at man to man coverage and can play zone at a high level. He would fit in nicely in the defensive back room.

The main reason the Browns should look to sign Jones is for his attitude. He will battle with anybody. He is afraid of nobody. And is not afraid to let anyone know what he thinks of them. Just ask Terrelle Pryor.

He is a very intense player who takes no crap from anyone on the field. Let’s face it, the Browns have taken crap from teams over the years. His attitude may be the spark this team needs.

Of course, Pacman comes with risk. Not only risk on the field, but risk to the community of Cleveland in general. Jones has been in trouble with the law it seems every off season.

But maybe the Browns could handle one year of Jones to give this team an edge on defense. Coach Jackson may know how to keep him out of trouble both on and off the field. Maybe Jones can instill some killer instinct into the defense without actually killing someone.

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It’s either that or another year of Justin Currie or Mike Jordan giving up big plays. Which would you prefer?

If nothing else, he would be entertaining to watch.