The Cleveland Browns have a hype video — imagine that

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(Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images) /

Things are starting to feel pretty good around theses parts, and the Cleveland Browns even have a hype video showcasing these warm feelings.

Forget, just for a minute, the free agents the Cleveland Browns have yet to pick up or the college players they’ve yet to draft.

They’re all just speculation.

Instead, for that same minute, focus on five of the electrifying players the Browns do already have. Specifically, starting quarterback Tyrod Taylor, wide receivers Jarvis ‘Juice’ Landry and Ricardo Louis, running back Carlos Hyde and tight end David Njoku.

These guys are fact. Now, if you’re a typical Browns fan who’s been around the losing for a while, it might be difficult to imagine what positive possibilities exist with these fellahs on the team.

A dog who’s been kicked repeatedly has a tough time imagining belly rubs. Thankfully, though, Landry (the team’s new automatic first down maker) was kind enough to tweet out an actual Browns Hype video that may just help the doubters and haters begin to picture what’s about to be. Seriously, Browns fans – take sixty seconds and watch the dang video.

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For those who can’t, here’s a quick play-by-play rundown. The video opens with a shot of Landry on an open field wearing a Browns t-shirt and adjusting his headband. There’s a quick phone ring and then a guy says:

"“Hey Dawg (it actually sounds like he says, ‘Hey Doug’, but that can’t be right) I think it’s time we put on for this city, man. It’s looking like we forgot or sumpin’. Never that.”"

Then there’s a snare beat and Cleveland’s Machine Gun Kelly’s hit ‘Cleveland’ kicks in. His voice cries out:

"“Man, I’m so Cleve-land it’s a g-damn shame.So east side I’m a g-damn gang.Said you ain’t heard about my g-damn name.Better ask around here, I’m a g-damn king.”"

Meanwhile, amidst all the g-dang cursing, Taylor, Landry, Louis, Hyde and Njoku have themselves a professional level throw-around and it’s beyond-a-doubt fantastic. Picture shirtless, tattooed, fierce-eyed pro-athletes high-stepping in cleats and making fast cuts with Taylor throwing dimes to everyone else shooting across the field.

They’re grabbing ball after ball out of the air with gloved hands, grunts and a supreme confidence that goes extremely well with hip-hop. It’s a real heart pumper.

The video only lasts a minute, but by the end if you’re not ready for football to start, if you’re not thinking that this next Browns season is going to (at long last) be different, if you’re not beginning to believe that general manager John Dorsey’s crew is actually starting to turn this team around, then check your pulse, please, ‘cause you may already be dead.

Doubters may ask, Who cares about a stupid hype video?

Well, the fact that it’s only March and the Browns already have enough starting offensive weapons in place to even make a hype video – that should tell the naysayers something. Watch the g-dang video. These five guys are already working out together, laughing and learning each other’s football tendencies, which is something entirely new for a Browns team in the spring. Still not convinced? Then compare this hype video to last year’s.

Oh yeah, that’s right, there wasn’t one. Winning isn’t just about talent, it’s also about team chemistry, and when you watch Landry’s video it’s obvious these five guys have it. They’re having fun, which is something Browns players and their fans just aren’t used to. From the look of this video, the Browns are no longer a team full of rookies and Joe Thomas.

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Tyrod Taylor is a veteran quarterback, a leader who’s taken his team to the playoffs before and who appears to have every intention of doing the same for the Browns. Lets hope it’s not just a bunch of g-dang hype.