Cleveland Browns: Staff predictions for the first and fourth picks

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Writer: Matt McFatridge

Although the defense is a bit further along than the offense, that side of the ball still needs help. You can never settle for just another guy as a pass rusher, especially in a division where you see quarterback Ben Roethlisberger twice a year. In order to beat a guy like that, you need to have consistent pressure.

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Adding a guy like Bradley Chubb to a defensive line that already has a great edge rusher in Myles Garrett gives you a good recipe for success in an increasingly pass happy league. Chubb is powerful and quick, and he would provide an immediate improvement to this defense. You can never have too many defensive linemen. Having a good rotation to keep players fresh and healthy is key to winning. Just ask the Philadelphia Eagles.

With the Giants suddenly trading away JPP, the Browns can’t wait until the fourth pick to land this guy, so here he goes first overall. This goes without saying, but this is what I would do — as opposed to what the Browns will do.

All the experts say the Cleveland Browns need to take a quarterback. If the team really believes that Tyrod Taylor isn’t more than a bridge quarterback for this season, then this is the spot to take that quarterback for the future.

But why isn’t Taylor being considered as a more long term option? He takes care of the football, and got a pretty bad Buffalo Bills offense to the playoffs last season. Instead of a quarterback, the team should try and continue building the offense around Taylor and let him show what he can do. Barkley is a workhorse running back who can play every down.

Pairing Barkley with Duke Johnson in the backfield puts two versatile backs with an improved receiving core and quarterback. That is the best looking offense Cleveland has had in quite a few years.