Cleveland Browns: Odell Beckham Jr. is simply wide receiver déjà vu

CLEVELAND, OH - NOVEMBER 27: Odell Beckham
CLEVELAND, OH - NOVEMBER 27: Odell Beckham /

Recently, the Cleveland Browns have been linked to New York Giants wide receiver, Odell Beckham Jr. Even though such a talent would be exciting for Cleveland, there are plenty of reasons the Browns have to stay away. 

New York’s Odell Beckham Jr. is undoubtedly a special talent. Since the Giants drafted him in 2014, the LSU product has made some amazing plays and cemented himself as a top-three receiver in the National Football League.

Recently, Beckham has stated that he will not step onto an NFL field in 2018 unless the Giants give him a contract extension or trade him. One of the teams linked to a possible Beckham trade was, of course, the now-exciting Cleveland Browns.

The Browns have made a flurry, or rather a blizzard, of moves in the past few weeks. And, they have somehow kept all five of their first and second-round draft picks for this year. Suddenly, the Browns don’t seem like the “same old Browns” anymore.

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But, let’s pump the brakes for a second, shall we? Why the sudden interest in Cleveland? Wait a second, haven’t we seen this kind of thing before with the Cleveland Browns?

Now, I don’t mean to rain on anyone else’s parade, especially not John Dorsey‘s, but maybe this isn’t the best idea. Again, the Browns have been in a similar situation before. Twice.

Remember last year, and the Browns had a ton of cap money and signed a receiver who was perpetually unhappy no matter the circumstances? His name was Kenny Britt, and we all know how that one turned out.

Additionally, the Browns threw money at Dwayne Bowe, who turned out the exact same way. Now, were either of these players in the same eschelon as Odell Beckham Jr.? No, but they were the same type of player, mentally at least, not to mention the same position.

Maybe this is just paranoia, but the fact still stands that the Browns have awful luck with bringing in wide receivers from free agency and trades. So although Beckham might help the offense, he may not be what Cleveland’s locker room needs right now.

Beckham really only has one reason to want to come here, and that’s money. And while the almighty dollar may be the greatest motivator, it also can create a toxic locker room.

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The Browns just cleansed their locker room of a cancer. Let’s keep it clean for at least a little while, shall we?