Cleveland Browns: Franchise Quarterback Debate is the Decision 2.0

PHILADELPHIA, PA - APRIL 27: The Top Draft prospects pose on stage prior to the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft at the Philadelphia Museum of Art on April 27, 2017 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
PHILADELPHIA, PA - APRIL 27: The Top Draft prospects pose on stage prior to the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft at the Philadelphia Museum of Art on April 27, 2017 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /

The Cleveland Browns need a franchise quarterback. New GM John Dorsey sits at number one in the draft. This is the decision 2.0.

The Cleveland Browns have a decision to make. Let’s pray general manager John Dorsey knows what he’s doing.

It seems like yesterday, that Cleveland fans gathered around the TV to watch Lebron James publicly humiliate the city. Reports came out detailing flights plans to Miami and US News reported that LeBron booked a bunch of cabanas in South Beach.

The signs were there, but largely ignored by Cleveland fans in denial. The logic was simple, there is no way our native son would stage such a grand event to tell the world he wasn’t coming back to Cleveland. He wouldn’t do that to us – until he did.

A moment that would live in the infamy of Cleveland sports disappointments. A moment that would come to be known simply as — “The Decision”. A gut wrenching slap in the face that would go on stinging until the same man who detonated the grenade of hopelessness would return home to douse the fire he lit in the form of a championship ring. “Cleveland, this is for you!”

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One man who had the ability to overcome it all. Even his own contribution to the compounding events that turned the Cleveland fan into a nail-biting ball of nerves. Fans convinced by the heavy energy of negative thinking, doubt and losing choke jobs that something would go wrong. We would lose that game seven, because something always had gone wrong — until it didn’t.

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And now, we stand on the brink of the next major decision. This time the person making that decision isn’t the player. It’s Cleveland Browns general manager John Dorsey. The man whose job it is to find us that player.

The player who like LeBron has the ability to overcome it all and lead the Browns to a Super Bowl championship. As Tony Rizzo, of ESPN Cleveland WKNR 850 begs every year at this time, “Find me my quarterback!”

LeBron was big enough to lead the city out of the championship drought, and with that came momentum. With that came the idea of “Believeland”. Later that year, the Cleveland Indians came within a couple of runs of winning the World Series.

The seemingly insurmountable weight of turning Cleveland into a winner was set into motion by the Herculean task completed by LeBron. The city was no longer the joke, and it felt great. We were on fire. Winners.

Then came the 2016 Browns campaign. We found out that nothing can take away that winning feeling like, well, being a loser. The Browns were the iceberg that sank the Titanic of hope being experienced by the Cleveland fan base.

The glory that Cleveland fans took in the silenced national media guys who continually use Cleveland as their unrelenting punching bag came to a way to quick halt. Like a bacterial infection that mutated, got worse and came raging back, the Chris Collinsworth caliber of Cleveland bashers were back with a vengeance.

Cleveland sports in general has escaped, but the bashers still have the good old Browns. They use the same old tired lines. The same old reminders. And now they have new ammunition, a winless season.

I can feel my skin crawling now. How many times will we need to hear about the winless season? The factory of sadness? The stupid Browns quarterback jersey? That’s the ultimate, absolute pit of misery. Anyone else out there as tired as I am of hearing this crap every year? Exactly. Dilly, dilly.

So, once again, here we are, sitting at the top of draft board. Mr. Dorsey, if you make the right decision, you will become a legend in Cleveland. This is a chance to complete what LeBron started and can’t finish. LeBron can’t finish it at no fault of his own.

You see, the task can only be completed by a Browns quarterback. The task is a Super Bowl victory. Cleveland is a football town. On opening day of baseball season, and on the brink of the NBA playoffs, most Cleveland sports fans calling into the local sports talk shows want to talk NFL draft.

It will take a man who isn’t afraid of ghosts to lay Paul Brown’s ghost to rest. In this case, Paul Brown’s ghost, the ghosts of past failures, one in the same. The Cleveland Browns don’t just need  a  good quarterback; they need an overcomer.

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Mr. Dorsey, there is no guarantee that this person is even in this draft, but if he is please find him. Playoff football awaits, First Energy Stadium, and when it happens, it shall be spectacular. It is only a decision away.