Cleveland Browns: Could Tremaine Edmunds be the answer?

SYRACUSE, NY - OCTOBER 15: Eric Dungey
SYRACUSE, NY - OCTOBER 15: Eric Dungey /
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Where would Edmunds fit in with the Browns?

He would be a plug and play linebacker who could play both inside and outside linebacker. Put him out there with Jamie Collins and Christian Kirksey and the Browns would have an amazing trio. And they may even cover a tight end or running back next season as well!

The problem with this scenario is what to do with Joe Schobert. Schobert has shown the ability to play effective run defense from the middle linebacker position. But he remains undersized for the position, does not cover in the passing game effectively in either zone or man, and his pass rushing ability is lacking.

Adding Tremaine Edmunds plugs in a player who is ready to contribute in the run game with his excellent tackling ability and vision. In the passing game, he can cover running backs and tight ends one on one. He can rush the passer on occasion but would need to improve his skills in this area.

Adding Edmunds would be replacing a Pro-Bowl run stopper with a potentially All-Pro all around linebacker who could lead the defense for years to come.

Joe Schobert is an upper middle class linebacker.

Tremaine Edmunds has the potential to be an All-Pro elite linebacker. Edmunds’ floor is higher than Schobert’s ceiling. The draft is about taking players with potential.

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Drafting Tremaine Edmunds at No. 12 would be a great addition to the defense that solves many of the pass coverage deficiencies of last season.