Cleveland Browns: Josh Gordon will be a good mentor for Callaway

CLEVELAND, OH - DECEMBER 17: Josh Gordon /

Pairing a wide receiver that had off-field issues with another wide receiver that has had a long history of off-field issues has concerned a lot of Cleveland Browns fans. But Josh Gordon will be very helpful in keeping Antonio Callaway focused on and off the field.

When the Cleveland Browns drafted wide receiver Antonio Callaway in the fourth round of the 2018 NFL Draft, immediately people raised concerns about his presence with Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon. Right when it seems that the Browns star has put his off-field problems behind him, the organization surrounds him with a bad influence.

Callaway fell to the fourth round because of off-field issues, including a failed drug test at the NFL Combine because of a diluted sample – which Callaway later admitted to smoking marijuana weeks before the Combine.

Gordon has a had a long history of substance abuse while playing in the NFL. But after missing nearly three years of game action because of suspensions, it seems that Gordon is on the straight and narrow.

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For that reason, it seems that Gordon will become a mentor for the rookie receiver. Gordon knows what has happened to his career because of his substance abuse issues, and the Browns may ask him to make sure the same thing does not happen to Callaway.

But not only is there a chance that the Cleveland Browns organization asks him to mentor Callaway, Gordon and Callaway have both trained under the same trainer – Tim Montgomery.

Montgomery is a former Olympic sprinter that had a criminal history away from his sport. Now he owns NUMA Speed, a training facility in Gainesville, Florida. Not only does he work as a trainer, but he helps people turn their lives around. Montgomery is credited with helping Gordon overcome his problems.

Callaway trained with Montgomery when he was suspended from playing for Florida. Montgomery started his work with turning around Callaway’s off-field life. But now that Callaway will be away from Florida and Montgomery’s training facility, Gordon can help push Montgomery’s message to turn around Callaway’s off-field issues.

Understanding what Montgomery did to get through to Gordon about what his substance abuse issues were doing to his career, Gordon can use that methodology to get through to Callaway.

Gordon making sure that Callaway does not forget what Montgomery has done with him should help keep Callaway focused.

Montgomery told’s Mary Kay Cabot that he believes Gordon being a mentor for Callaway will be a good thing.

"“It’s very ironic that Antonio and Josh Gordon ended up on the same team,” Montgomery said in a phone interview. “Now Josh Gordon gets the opportunity to play big brother and I think Josh is going to do a great job of that.”"

It seems odd to have Gordon mentor somebody that has off-field problems. But in this scenario, it makes a lot of sense. Not only will Gordon be helping Callaway, but it will also help himself stay focused.

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For all people involved, this should be a very good thing for them on and off the field. But Gordon mentoring Callaway should be a role he thrives in.