Cleveland Browns: How Baker Mayfield can Become the Starter

Baker Mayfield. (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)
Baker Mayfield. (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images) /
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Prove his Maturity

I mentioned a few times previously that the comparisons between Baker Mayfield and Johnny Manziel were lazy. Truthfully, his game in college is more like Andy Dalton. However, with both of them having off and on field maturity issues, the two seemed like twins.

With images and video of Baker Mayfield grabbing his crotch, getting arrested and issuing his half-assed apologies, Mayfield suddenly started looking more and more like Manziel. A thing that no Browns fan wants any part of ever again.

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The first step to proving he’s ready to be an NFL quarterback is to prove to everyone that he’s mature; to the team, his coaches and everyone else. He can still have the swagger that Oklahoma fans know and love, but the times where he obviously crossed the line can’t happen. Simply replace his arrogance for confidence and sometimes, keep his mouth shut would be a great start.

Slot and Tight Ends

A rookie quarterback’s best friend is usually the slot receiver or the tight end. This is no secret. They run shorter routes and get open faster, allowing the rookie to not overthink and just get the ball out of his hands.

Luckily enough, the Cleveland Browns have one of the best slot receivers in Jarvis Landry and a pair of dependable tight ends in David Njoku and Seth DeValve. All three have good hands and will become Mayfield’s go to guys to begin with.

As the completions come, the confidence to throw it outside to Josh Gordon, Corey Coleman and Antonio Callaway for more  down the field passes we saw him do at Oklahoma. But before he can run, he needs to walk.