Cleveland Browns: Tyrod Taylor exudes confidence, and he should

The Cleveland Browns added quarterback Tyrod Taylor along with many other weapons this offseason. That’s led to some much needed, and understandable confidence

Since returning to the NFL in 1999, there hasn’t been a quarterback for the Cleveland Browns to get behind for long. That could change this season as they added two potential leaders in veteran Tyrod Taylor and rookie Baker Mayfield.

Taylor is the starter for now and while he’s considered a bridge-quarterback, there is a lot of talk that he could wow the team and keep No. 1 pick Mayfield on the bench longer than expected.

That could happen if Taylor is correct in his belief that this team can be successful in 2018. While it’s true he likely feels that way because of self-confidence, Taylor also has to love the addition of weapons like receiver Jarvis Landry and running backs Carlos Hyde and Nick Chubb.

Regardless of whether it’s belief in himself, or those around him, the new starter in Cleveland is high on this team’s 2018 outlook. Taylor showed off that bravado, as well as some grounded thinking as well about having to back up the talk in the following quote from Matthew Florjancic of WKYC:

“We can be very good, but me standing here saying that does not mean anything. It is about the mindset and attitude day in and day out. It has been good since I have been here.

I am looking forward to us carrying that momentum and that attitude over into training camp and allow it to go on into the season and let the outsiders see what we really have. Internally, we know what we have and what we can do. It is up to us to go out there and make sure that it happens.” — Taylor via Florjancic, WKYC

Taylor is correct that talk won’t win games. We all know that. The good news is he has been able to take a team out of the abyss into the post season.

Last year Taylor was under center for the Bills as they ended the longest playoff drought in the NFL. As fate would have it, he again joins the team that has that unsavory title.

In 2018, Taylor could make history by once again leading a team into the post season with the longest streak of missing out on the tournament. He’s confident he can do that and he should be.

In Cleveland, he has more weapons to get the ball to and a better offensive play caller in Todd Haley, who has had a lot of success at the NFL level.

Things are looking up for the Browns and it’s nice to hear the players coming out and saying as much. Now it’s time to put in the work and make this hype a reality.