Cleveland Browns: Ranking 2018’s schedule from easiest to hardest

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Cleveland Browns
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8. Week 6 vs Los Angeles Chargers

Capping off what will likely be a trilogy of Browns vs Chargers games, Los Angeles invades Cleveland in week six. I think this spot on the list exemplifies what the Chargers have been for the past few years now: pretty good, but not exactly world-beaters, or bad enough to get a top pick.

With the series tied 1-1, this will be the rubber match between the Chargers and Browns. Truthfully, this could be the biggest 50/50 game of the three, and by week six could truly be anyone’s game.

Philip Rivers is in the twilight of his career, Mike Williams could be coming back from injury (but who knows how good he’ll be). Joey Bosa is a stud, and Cameron Heyward can hold down the secondary, but all the Chargers have anymore are a few great pieces. This one is really anyone’s game.

7. Week  12 vs Houston Texans

Last year, the Houston Texans looked like gangbusters. That was, until quarterback Deshaun Watson‘s knee exploded in a non-contact practice drill. A torn ACL was enough to keep Watson off the field for the rest of the year, sending the Texans careening into “meh”-dom.

First off, who knows if Deshaun Watson will ever be the same player again? Mobility was a big part of his game in 2017 and in college, and now it could be taken away from him. Depending on how serious his injury was, he might be a shell of himself for the rest of his career.

In addition to the Watson dilemma, J.J. Watt‘s health is also constantly in jeopardy. After a series of injuries, specifically to the neck, Watt’s career could very well be winding down. Whether or not he plays in this game, and plays at 100%, could easily change the course of this battle.