Cleveland Browns: 3 Wildly underrated Browns players in Madden 19

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EA Sports has released their rankings for their new game ‘Madden 19.’ Like years past, their rankings don’t seem to be 100 percent accurate. Here are 3 Cleveland Browns players who are extremely underrated in the game.

As the NFL season fast approaches so does the release of the new Madden video game. Madden 19 will feature a new revamped Cleveland Browns team with some significant talent.

This is the first time in recent years that the Browns will have two quarterbacks with 80-plus overall ratings.

Despite the Browns having two good quarterbacks, some other members of the team got the short end of the stick in the ratings. Here are three Cleveland Browns players who are significantly better than their Madden overall says.

Josh Gordon

Josh Gordon has only played 5 games over the last 2 years. With that being said, he looks like he hadn’t missed a beat when he finally came back for those 5 games.

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His first game back was against the chargers. Second-Team All-Pro cornerback Casey Hayward said that he thought Josh Gordon was his toughest matchup of the season, besides Odell Beckham Jr. That was in Gordon’s first game back, may I remind you.

He finished the season with 18 catches for 354 yards and a touchdown, with Deshone Kizer as his quarterback. In five games, that’s pretty good. He also was once a first-team All-Pro and is still in his late 20s, which is considered an athletes prime.

With that being said, Madden decided he was only an 82 overall. That is tied for the 48th highest rated receiver in the game. Ask any NFL analyst, and they will tell you that Josh Gordon is in the top 10 in terms of talent.

Madden has receivers like Jermaine Kearse, Chris Hogan, Travis Benjamin, and Michael Crabtree ahead of him. Even with his lack of games this season, he was more of a threat than all of them. Surely as the season goes on, his overall will go up.

His production is his biggest concern and probably the biggest reason for his Madden overall only being an 82. However, even with his lack of production, he should at least be rated higher than Chris Hogan.

That’s not a knock on Chris Hogan’s abilities, but in nine games he only put up 440 yards, compared to Gordon’s 354 in five games.