Cleveland Browns: 3 Players with rising stock, training camp Week 1

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Baker Mayfield Cleveland Browns
Baker Mayfield Cleveland Browns /

1. Baker Mayfield, Quarterback

We all knew this was coming. Sure, Colin Cowherd could tell you he’s a terrible pick and everyone could say he was Johnny Manziel 2.0 even though they’re absolutely nothing alike. But those who actually watched Baker Mayfield play at Oklahoma and didn’t listen to the noise knew he would be good.

You also had to know it wasn’t going to take long for him to get people’s attention. Head coach Hue Jackson tried to calm that down, saying there’s a long way for the rookie to go, but there isn’t.

Mayfield is the most talented quarterback they’ve had in Cleveland since they returned in1999 and there’s a legitimate reason to think Tyrod Taylor’s job should be in trouble. Now to be fair, that’s nothing to do with Taylor. He said a good starting quarterback and can lead this team to some wins. Mayfield is just a superior talent and could lead them to being a competitive franchise.

Jackson and company however still seem to be letting their past dictate their future. They foolishly believe that guys like Brandon Weeden, Johnny Manziel and DeShone Kizer failed because they played too early. The reality is, they failed because they weren’t starters in the NFL.

Mayfield is a starter and sitting him is only robbing him of time. Rather than sticking to this script, the team needs to see that he’s throwing lasers with great accuracy and has the team’s respect.

If Taylor and Mayfield get a fair shake and Baker is still not the best, that’s fine. But to put a better quarterback on the bench because you missed on picks in the past is folly.

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And just think, the noise Mayfield is making is after a few practices with the twos. Wait until he sees the field in preseason games or takes reps with the ones. His stock will only rise more.