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Writer: Mitch Zoloty

Offensive player I’m most excited to see: Chris Hubbard, Offensive Tackle

Chris Hubbard seems to be the least talked about addition to the Browns roster this past offseason. He gets overshadowed by the left tackle controversy and Jarvis Landry’s amazing training camp. However, he may have the most impactful role in the Browns offense.

Hubbard has been a career backup offensive lineman who slowly, but steadily, improved for the Steelers. Last offseason he signed a 1 year, 2 million dollar deal with the Steelers. His play last season was so improved, he earned himself a 5 year, 37.5 million dollar contract from the Browns.

That is a testament to how much he has developed during his time in the NFL. Hubbard went from an undrafted free agent coming out of UAB to the 37.5 million dollar man before us today. If his performance improves, and by looking at his previous track record it should, the Browns locked up a very talented right tackle for years to come.

The Browns pretty much know what they have at every other position besides left guard. If Hubbard performs to the best of his abilities, the Browns are looking at a playoff run. If Hubbard takes a step back in his development, Tyrod Taylor could feel some serious pressure this season and the team could end up back in their old 4-12 cycle. Expect him to be a top right tackle in the league this year.

Defensive player I’m most excited to see: Trevon Coley, Defensive Tackle

I’m a huge fan of “undersized” linemen. That’s because there is no such thing as an undersized NFL lineman in my opinion. Height is the most useless statistic in the trenches, as the lower man usually wins most blocks.
Coley was an undrafted free agent mostly because of his 6’1 height. He bounced around training camps, from the Ravens to the Redskins, then eventually to the Browns. He signed with the Browns practice squad in December of 2017. In 2017, the Browns gave him his chance, as he started 15 games the season.

Putting up 2 sacks, 24 solo tackles, and a fumble recovery, his first year as a starter wasn’t that hot. However, he seems to be getting the nod again as a starting defensive tackle. Coach Simmons, the Browns defensive line coach, must see something special in Coley. I am all in to watch him develop into a force in the middle this upcoming season.

Defensive tackle is the position the defense needs the most help on paper. Coley’s development will see if that need carries over to the field. If he plays to the best of his ability, expect him to be a future Cleveland Brown for seasons to come, anchoring down the middle of a young but very talented defensive line.