Why Cleveland Browns fans shouldn’t abandon Antonio Callaway


Cleveland Browns fourth-round draft pick, Antonio Callaway, had some serious off the field issues coming into the draft. The Browns still drafted him, hoping these issues were in the past. Despite these issues resurfacing again, here’s why the Browns should stick with him.

Cleveland Browns rookie wide receiver Antonio Callaway was one of the most interesting prospects on draft night. A player with first-round talent who hadn’t played football in over a year. He hadn’t played in over a year due to his off the field antics.

Callaway even failed a drug test at the NFL combine. Despite that, general manager John Dorsey felt he did enough research on him to select Callaway with a 4th round pick. He even said that he sent down scouts to Gainesville to research Callaway.

Callaway joins the Browns wide receiver room as arguably the best wide receiver not named Josh Gordon or Jarvis Landry. With Corey Coleman gone for good, the Browns will need a third target.

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Despite having Rashard Higgins, who has been spectacular all camp, Callaway will most likely be the Browns third option at receiver. Even if he isn’t, and Callaway ends up being the fourth option, he will still see good playing time.

Setting the football aspect of Callaway’s talent, he is still a good man with more responsibility than many his age. He did an interview talking about his family and time in Gainesville in March.

Callaway talked about his family life and his responsibilities as the man of his family.

"“It’s bigger than me… It ain’t about me. I got a little girl. I just had her three weeks ago. I’ve got four little sisters. A single mom. I got to make it happen. I can’t be out here making mistakes and throwing myself in bad situations.”  — Callaway said via Rick Stroud of the Tampa Times"

This reason is probably what convinced Dorsey to draft Callaway. Despite many of his fellow rookies being in the same situation as Callaway and not having the off the field issues he has, it still a great reason for why he will clean up his act.

The Browns were ridiculed for having Josh Gordon serve as a mentor for Antonio Callaway. However, I see no better person for the job. Gordon has been in extremely similar shoes but seems to have recovered. Dorsey and the organizations know the two better than anyone else, so the fan base should trust their decisions.

Callaway is also being mentored by the rival Steelers star wide receiver. Antonio Brown put out a tweet trying to get in contact with Callaway back in April.

Brown, arguably the best wide receiver in the NFL, would serve as a great offseason workout partner for Callaway.

In college, Callaway didn’t have the same supporting cast that he does now to deal with his drug problems. That is in no way a knock on the Florida football program or Coach McElwain. Callaway is now a millionaire with NFL caliber resources.

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Expect his recent off the field issues to be the last he has for a while. Callaway has a lot to play for now with his daughter. He also has a great cast of friends and coworkers to support him. Callaway will have a good career in the NFL and with the Browns, as long as the franchise helps and doesn’t give up on him.