Cleveland Browns vs. Steelers Predictions: Can the Browns score the upset?

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CLEVELAND, OH – AUGUST 23: Quarter back Tyrod Taylor #5 of the Cleveland Browns runs onto the field during player introductions prior to a preseason game against the Philadelphia Eagles at FirstEnergy Stadium on August 23, 2018 in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

Writer: Mike Lukas

Don’t laugh, I’m picking the Browns to crush the Steelers in Week 1.

There are so many reasons why:

• Hue Jackson is tired of lugging around that humiliating 1-31 chip on his shoulder;

• Todd Haney is sick of hearing how the Steelers are better off without him;

• John Dorsey has spent the entire offseason (and then some) collecting weapons for his new starting quarterback;

• …and, unlike last season, the list goes on and on.

Add to all that Gregg Williams’ upgraded ball-tracking, quarterback-cracking defense and how could we lose?

In fact, if Cleveland’s Week 1 game against Pittsburgh goes anything like my Madden NFL 19 Browns Franchise Week 1 did, expect a blowout.

Don’t laugh – with the 2018 Browns, it’s entirely possible.

Playing the Madden Browns offense as Tyrod, I couldn’t believe the wealth of choices I had on every down. With Flash, Juice, and Callaway as my receivers, Hyde and Duke in my backfield, and Njoku and Fells catching balls and blocking with the solid O-line, the only tough part was choosing which game-changer to unleash.
You know, unlike last season.

My Madden Browns put up 30 points in that Week 1 matchup.

But the real pleasure came from watching my Madden Browns defense shut the Steelers down.

It was incredible – Garrett and Ogunjobi recorded a Big Ben sack apiece, Ward and Peppers each snagged a pick (one of them right out of Antonio’s hands) and Schobert, Kirksey and co. annoyed any Steeler with the ball. Bottom line: the entire Steelers offense only gained 188 yards with just 45 of that from Bell runs.

My Madden Browns held the Madden Steelers to 7.

“But it’s just a video game, who cares?”

Browns fans should.

Because regardless of whether that video game blowout transfers over to the real-world Browns on Week 1, the 2018 Cleveland Browns are full of exciting and effective new weapons that are a total blast to have at the quarterback’s disposal.
And if Tyrod (and eventually Baker) does as well as I did with them, these guys are gonna be tough to beat and a whole lot of fun to watch.

You know, unlike last season.

Final Score (don’t laugh): Browns 30, Steelers 7