Cleveland Browns: Three Bold Predictions for Week 3

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A Resounding Victory

That’s right folks. For the first time since early last season, I am actually picking the Browns to win a football game. I know it’s been exactly 634 days at the time of writing, but I just have a good feeling about this one. I’ve learned never to bet for or against the Browns, but Thursday night, under the lights, on a national stage seems like the perfect place for the Browns to get their first win since December 2016.

First off, the Browns and Jets match up exceptionally well for the Browns. On both sides of the ball, it seems like the Browns can take advantage of a lot of what the Jets like to do on the field. Defensively, the Browns can take advantage of a turnover-prone rookie in Sam Darnold. On offense, the Jets’ defensive line talent isn’t what they used to be, and the Browns should be able to run the ball with at least relative ease.

Overall, this might be the most perfect storm the Browns see this season. The conditions are right, the team is right, and everything points to this being one that the Browns can pull out.

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For the first time since Christmas Eve, 2016, the Browns will put a game in the win column. It’s time to crack open those victory fridges, Browns fans. Let’s go.