Cleveland Browns: Pick’em league showing separation after NFL’s upset week

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The Cleveland Browns won last week. They are now preparing to win their third game in two years. But the Dawg Pound Daily Pick’em league has plenty of winners.

The Cleveland Browns got their first win on last Thursday night. But the Dawg Pound Daily Pick’em league has yet to show a clear favorite. Last week was a crazy week of upsets around the NFL. Upset weeks generally wreak havoc on Pick’em leagues. Yet somehow, some players remained immune to the damage.

After this week’s slate of games, Kathryn Cade is now in the lead. She has correctly picked 27 games so far this season. She currently has a one-game lead over DPD writer Mitch Zoloty and Richard John. Both have 26 correct picks. However, Kathryn forgot to pick her Thursday night game. Had she picked the Browns as she had intended, she would have a two-game lead right now.

Just so this is clear. A non-DPD writer is winning the league. Her father couldn’t be more proud. Except she is kicking his butt. He needs to remind her of who’s her daddy next week.

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But otherwise ,there is little separation at the top. The difference between 1st place and 6th place is three games. This is far from over.

As for the weekly performances, the big winners this week are Clayton Smith and Kathryn Cade. Both correctly picked 10 games this week. Smith gets the weekly title for being closer to the Monday night point total.

Again, this is why it is important to get the picks in! Had Kathryn put in her Thursday night pick, she would have won the week outright. Instead she gets the first place consolation prize.

Second place for the week goes to Joel Cade. Yours truly won the tie breaker over Andrew Tkach, Jeremy Marks, Richard John and Tyler Hise. All four players correctly picked nine games. Good job guys!

Pick of the week goes to Richard John for being the only player to successfully pick the Detroit Lions over the New England Patriots. Excellent pick! Special mention goes to the entire league for picking the Chicago Bears over the Arizona Cardinals. That was a wild one!

Duds of the week goes to Richard John and DPD writer Matthew McFatridge who picked the New York Jets over the beloved, NFL darling, and all around good guys of the league the Cleveland Browns. Come on man! No, the league is not sharing its Bud Light with you. Get your own Dilly Dilly!

It would be easy to berate the entire league for picking the Minnesota Vikings and Jacksonville Jaguars but, hey, we all did it. Instead we will call out DPD writer Martin McConnell and Logan Kreinbrink for picking the San Francisco 49ers over the Kansas City Chiefs. Upsets happen, but this one? Have you seen Patrick Mahomes this year?

For anyone who has signed up but have yet to make a single pick through 3 weeks, please make your picks. We want all players to be active in the league. It makes it more fun. Besides, anyone can win the week any given Sunday.

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Want to get in on the fun? Or maybe you are too afraid of being called out for your less than awesome picks? Do you have what it takes to win the week or even the league? If you want to find out, click here to join.

Next week is approaching fast. Get your picks in Kathryn!