Trades the Cleveland Browns should do before the Deadline

CLEVELAND, OH - SEPTEMBER 20: Tyrod Taylor #5 of the Cleveland Browns throws a pass during the second quarter against the New York Jets at FirstEnergy Stadium on September 20, 2018 in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
CLEVELAND, OH - SEPTEMBER 20: Tyrod Taylor #5 of the Cleveland Browns throws a pass during the second quarter against the New York Jets at FirstEnergy Stadium on September 20, 2018 in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /

The deadline is still a month away, but the Cleveland Browns could already start considering some moves to help now and in the future

Just in case you were wondering, no Le’Veon Bell is not a part of this. The Cleveland Browns have a 3-headed monster of their own in the backfield and have other areas of need and concern that they should address for much less money.

Amazingly, the Browns are three games in and not the worst team in football. It’s the dawn of a new day in Believeland, and the Browns made an entire 180 from this point last season.

Today, the Browns have a brand new team, featuring one of the best young defenses and rookie Baker Mayfield, who seemingly is the answer to two decades of Browns’ prayers.

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Still, seeing how good this team is really highlighting its weaknesses. While few, there’s still enough that can be fixed to add to arguably the best Cleveland Browns squad maybe since before Art Modell moved the original team east.


The loss to Jimmy Garroppolo was huge in San Francisco. He signed an enormous contract extension and is the future of the 49ers franchise.

However, the future will be at least a year wait. Jimmy G tore his ACL and likely ended the 49ers season. C.J. Beathard is currently slated as the starter but the team may want a seasoned veteran at the helm.

Tyrod Taylor is Pro Bowl player, a playoff quarterback and a nice 1-year fill for the position.

Quarterbacks, like Sam Bradford or Nick Foles can fetch a high price. I doubt the 49ers would give up a 1st for Taylor but a mid-round pick (3rd/4th) is not out of the realm of possibility.


Fellow DDP writer, Joel Cade, also writes for the Browns and he’ll be the first to tell you that the Raiders are wasting Amari Cooper’s talents. What was a back-to-back Pro Bowl receiver has become the number three option behind Jordy Nelson and Jared Cook.

Cooper had a career high in touchdowns in 2017 (7) but suffered his least yardage (680) and catches (48) to date. He’s on pace to have even lower numbers this season. Considering how skilled he is, he deserves better. He deserves Baker Mayfield.

Jon Gruden clearly likes sending away young talent for picks instead of paying them (see Kahlil Mack). John Dorsey doesn’t mind sending picks for star players (see Jarvis Landry). Someone needs to call Wayne Brady so we can Make a Deal.


No one is saying Austin Corbett is a bad player. In fact, we learned his natural position in the league would be at guard instead of left tackle. He showed plenty of skill to be a starting guard, but the Browns already have a pair of cornerstone players at both guard spots.

Houston, Seattle, and Buffalo come to mind of teams who need help on the offensive line. They all have young quarterbacks and it’s all the more important to protect them at all costs.

If he were to be traded, it likely would come during the off-season, allowing the Browns some assurance for the swing guard position. The three teams mentioned, however, may need a gaurd more than any team in the league. If they’re willing to exchange a pick or a similar quality player, it would do all sides some good to get it done.


The Browns and Patriots are common trade partners. Pencil in another one. This time, the Browns can up their return game.

Bill Belichick has the ability to replace players, no matter the importance. Obviously, Cordarrelle Patterson is among the best returners in the league, but for the right price, any Patriots player (sans Tom Brady) can be sold.

Patterson would allow Jabril Peppers to solely focus on defense and give the team an unquestioned return man. This may be the most important (not best) move of all the ones that have been listed… so far.


Desmond Harrison has been put in a compromising position. He was an undrafted rookie free agent that played well enough to be the starting left tackle, but possibly prematurely. He’s struggled with pass protection and constantly put Tyrod Taylor under duress while he was in there. The team may need a veteran upgrade.

Ty Nsekhe is 32 but he’s a young 32. The 6-foot-8, 300-pound swing tackle for the Washington Redskins was undrafted out of Texas State in 2009, and since then has bounced around from practice squads, to the CFL, to even some semi-pro leagues.

His most valuable time has been his time in Washington. He’s been the swing tackle there since 2015. During his time, he has had some modest starting experience. Starting 11 games, but only allowing five sacks in his career.

He’ll be an unrestricted free agent this offseason and would actually be good enough to start on some teams around the league.

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Whether he’d be the answer to the left tackle position remains to be seen, but he is already a step up from Harrison and would give the Browns a first-hand look at a possible fill to a serious need, and keeping their quarterback safe.