What the Cleveland Browns need in a head coach

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Hue Jackson has been rumored to be on the hot seat. Here is what Hue needs to become to keep is job, or what his replacement needs to be for the Cleveland Browns to thrive.

The Cleveland Browns currently sit at 2-4-1 after John Dorsey put together the best roster the team has had in a decade. The coaching staff features experienced coordinators and assistants who are revered by their peers. Why is the team losing?

Hue Jackson up to this point has not been what the team needs him to be. The team does not need an offensive minded head coach. The team does not need a defensive minded head coach either. The Browns need a head coach who is a game manager and a motivator.

Hue hasn’t shown an ability to be a good game manager up to this point. It’s hard to tell if Hue is a good motivator as he currently holds a 3-35-1 record as the Browns head coach. That record is partly due to bad rosters and horrendous officiating but Hue has to take the brunt of it.

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The Browns need their head coach to be able to use his timeouts strategically, saving them for usually the final two minutes of the half. The head coach also has to be able to gauge in a game when he should let his coordinator go for it on fourth down and when he should take the points.

For example, when down 16-2 in the first half a good game manager should know to take points when he can get them. The team has a whole other half to try to stage a comeback so taking as many first half points as one can get is crucial to mounting the comeback.

A head coach who is good at motivating his players not only needs to motivate his team to give their best effort every Sunday but also needs to motivate his players to be the most discipline they can. Penalties can kill a good game managers plan.

The Browns against the Buccaneers had 14 penalties for 114 yards. These penalties don’t even account for the offensive yards the team lost on these plays. Against the Chargers the Browns had 6 penalties for 53 yards. The team had 10 penalties for 66 yards against the Ravens, eight for 55 yards against the Raiders, five for 41 yards against the Jets, four for 43 yards against the Saints, and 11 for 87 yards against the Steelers. Click here for a further look at the Browns penalty problem this season.

The team is averaging a little more than eight penalties a game for 66 yards. That is nowhere near winning football. The penalties are a direct reflection of the head coach, as it is his job to motivate the players to stay disciplined.

The head coach also has to have the respect of the coaching staff. With Todd Haley and Gregg Williams the head coach has two great coordinators who have good reason to be confident in themselves. If the coach is not able to maintain this good staff that could lead to issues for the team.

Props to Hue for being able to maintain control of his coaching staff. At least it seems as he does, as rumors from his coaching staff have not been leaking out saying otherwise.

The Browns also need their head coach to be a tough son of a gun. The head coach needs to be willing to take the fine and call out the refs when they are doing a terrible job. Part of the Browns penalty problem this season has been the refs making horrible calls. A big part of the Browns 2-4-1 record is the refs missing clear penalties.

The Browns need a head coach who knows how to work the media. Calling out the refs and stopping throwing players and staff members underneath the bus would be a great start for Hue to keep his job.

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According to many around the league Hue Jackson is on the thinnest ice of his career in Cleveland.

Hue still has time to become the game manager and motivator Cleveland needs him to be but it seems as if his time is running out.