Cleveland Browns: Baker Mayfield Mic’d up, Psyched up

CLEVELAND, OH - NOVEMBER 11: Baker Mayfield #6 of the Cleveland Browns celebrates a touchdown pass in the first half against the Atlanta Falcons at FirstEnergy Stadium on November 11, 2018 in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
CLEVELAND, OH - NOVEMBER 11: Baker Mayfield #6 of the Cleveland Browns celebrates a touchdown pass in the first half against the Atlanta Falcons at FirstEnergy Stadium on November 11, 2018 in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield was mic’d up during the victory over the Atlanta Falcons, and it was a fun listen.

Cleveland Browns fans, if you haven’t already, spend four minutes and fifteen seconds of this eternal bye-week to listen to mic’d up rookie quarterback Baker Mayfield, recorded by NFL Films during the Browns’ Week 10 victory over the Falcons.

And prepare to get psyched up.

The way Mayfield handles his football game day business is incredible to fly-on-the-wall watch – it screams leadership well beyond his first-year status. Baker’s demeanor reeks of confidence and alpha male and his teammates respond to it all by doing their jobs well.

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And by winning.

The Baker Mic’d up, Psyched up Video

Opens on:

The video starts strong with a couple of piercing Mayfield, “Woo woo’s!” during a pregame sideline stalk, followed by a quick head butt of pumped-up deep threat Antonio Callaway.

Then backup tight end Orson Charles yells off-camera, “Come on, baby, lead us. It’s your home now.”

And without pause, Baker tells him, “I’m going to make that clear now,” and says it twice in case someone didn’t hear him the first time.

That gets Charles fired up, who body rushes Mayfield yelling, “And we’re gonna fall right behind your (expletive), baby, woo, woo!” to which Baker replies, “Yeah, yeah, yeah!” and head butts him.

A second later, he tells his offensive line, “That guy’s a (expletive) psycho.”

Balls out, baby.

Cut to:

A sarcastic, smiling Mayfield telling interim head coach Gregg Williams, “Don’t be scared.”

Williams nods and smiles back. “You will never worry about that with me.”

As opposed to with…???

Heh, we all know the guys they’re talking about.

Ballsy bits with the big man. Nice.

Cut to:

Grunts and groans and explosive collisions as Mayfield delivers a series of completions while getting shoulder-chucked by colossal pass rushers.

Total baller.

Cut to:

Baker searching the turf, asking, “What you looking for, a mouth piece?” and then a second later, yelling, “Hey, Vic! Vic, Vic!” to Vic Beasley, the Falcons defensive end who’d been hunting him all day, and tosses the man his mouth guard.

Sportsmanship personified.

Cut to:

Mayfield huddled with the Browns, checking his armband for a play, saying, “The start of something special right here, men, let’s go.”

Then we see Mayfield scramble to his right and throw the ball to Rashard ‘Hollywood’ Higgins in the end zone. The camera follows Baker running, screaming to his teammates, “Ahhhh! Come on baby, come on baby, come on!” and someone yells, “Here we go!”

As Mayfield unsnaps his chinstrap towards the sideline, he tells everyone, “I woke up feeling dangerous.”

Chills, baby.

Aforementioned backup tight end Charles comes over and says something that sounds like, “Grown-(expletive) throw, boy. Good job, man – I would head butt you but you got your helmet off.”

And Mayfield says, “I’ll head butt you still.”

Hell yeah, you will, Baker.

Cut to:

They show the failed gimmick play where Baker pretends to be confused and afterwards, when one of the defense says, “Hey, don’t do that,” Mayfield smiles, “Hey we tried it. It almost worked.”

Confidence, even after a setback.

Cut to:

After Mayfield gets sidelined tackled, tight end Darren Fells grabs Baker’s head “like my daddy used to” and tells his quarterback, “Take care of yourself, baby, we need you.”

“Yes sir,” answers Mayfield.


Cut to:

Mayfield telling the huddle, “No negative plays and no penalties here, don’t hurt ourselves, all right? Just do your jobs.”

And this part of the video shows the Browns doing exactly that, their jobs.

We see Mayfield deliver Duke Johnson’s touchdown reception.

We watch Nick Chubb’s record-setting 92-yard run.

After the run, Mayfield is talking to center J.C. Tretter and asks, “That was the longest run in franchise history?”

“Yeah,” Tretter tells him.

“Wow,” Baker says. “Did you see my handoff on that play?”


Cut to:

End of the game, Baker watching the defense work while we hear announcer Jim Donovan’s call, “Jamie Collins got it! The Browns are gonna be a winner!”

Mayfield throws off his orange poncho and starts hugging everybody.

“That’s a W, son,” he says.

Close on:

The Browns in victory formation, Mayfield taking a knee.

“Hey, this is hurting my rushing yards now,” he jokes to the ref.

Good bits, baby.

The video ends with Mayfield and a shocked Falcons veteran quarterback Matt Ryan hugging each other.

“Well done,” Ryan tells him.

“Mad respect,” answers Mayfield.

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End Video

Looks like we got ourselves a winner, ladies and gentlemen.

Baker Mayfield is here to turn the Browns into winners.

If that doesn’t get you psyched up, baby, move to Pittsburgh.