Cleveland Browns: Freddie Kitchens a dark horse head coach candidate

The Cleveland Browns are once again in the market for a new head coach. With all the smoke circling Berea, hiring in-house can get overlooked. Offensive coordinator Freddie Kitchens might have a case for the position.

This offseason, the Cleveland Browns will search for yet another new head coach. Following the midseason firing of Hue Jackson, the Dawg Pound had a major shakeup within the coaching ranks.

Along with Hue Jackson went former offensive coordinator Todd Haley. And while many hoped the Browns would bounce back, no one really expected it would be this much of a turn-around.

After reconfiguring their coaching staff, the Browns have taken off offensively. Baker Mayfield’s completion percentage has gone up over 20 percent since Kitchens took over, and this is in large part due to Duke Johnson’s increased usage.

Johnson has finally become a threat in the backfield for Cleveland, and alongside Nick Chubb, he’s become a great lightning to Chubb’s thunder.

The defense hasn’t performed incredibly well lately, allowing Bengals backup quarterback Jeff Driskel to score two touchdowns in week 12. But, it hasn’t mattered; the Browns’ offense is so good that it’s carried the team to wins. So, let’s review.

Behind new offensive coordinator Freddie Kitchens, the Browns have become stellar on offense. Baker Mayfield has blossomed into the franchise quarterback that the Browns have yearned for now for two decades.

Nick Chubb has been a stud, and Duke Johnson is getting more use. The offense, in short, is flourishing. And Freddie Kitchens should be getting consideration for Cleveland’s head coaching job.

Clearly, Kitchens understands what makes the Browns and Baker Mayfield work on offense. The franchise quarterback is the one thing the Browns have consistently lacked for nearly 20 years, and now, they have it.

In addition to having their franchise guy, they have an offensive coach who can speak to him. Kitchens has led the offense to prosperity, and that may give him the keys to the whole team next season.

The Browns have come out and said that they want a head coach that can help Mayfield along as he comes into his own. Why not choose someone that Mayfield obviously knows very well, and has a great relationship with?

Freddie Kitchens might be that guy, and don’t be surprised when he claims the head coaching spot as a dark horse.