Which Cleveland Browns player would the Broncos steal if they could?

CLEVELAND, OH - OCTOBER 18: Chomps mascot of the Cleveland Browns against the Denver Broncos at Cleveland Browns Stadium on October 18, 2015 in Cleveland, Ohio. Broncos defeated Browns 26-23. (Photo by Andrew Weber/Getty Images)
CLEVELAND, OH - OCTOBER 18: Chomps mascot of the Cleveland Browns against the Denver Broncos at Cleveland Browns Stadium on October 18, 2015 in Cleveland, Ohio. Broncos defeated Browns 26-23. (Photo by Andrew Weber/Getty Images) /

We take some time to talk to Ty Walden, the co-expert at FanSided’s Predominantly Orange, about the upcoming game between the Cleveland Browns and Broncos

The Cleveland Browns will head to Denver this Saturday night to take on the Broncos. The AFC showdown will be on prime-time and gives each team a chance to keep their slim hopes for a playoff run alive.

Ahead of the big game, we took the time to speak with Ty Walden, one of the co-experts on FanSided’s Denver Broncos based page, Predominantly Orange.

Ty was good enough to answer several questions about each team, including which player he would like to see the Broncos steal — if they could.

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DPD: The Denver Broncos went from a Super Bowl winner to a team trying to get back into the mix the past couple seasons. They went from Brock Osweiler to Trevor Siemian, and now Case Keenum. Give me a quick recap of the quarterback situation and how you feel about it. Is Keenum the guy, or do they need to draft someone in 2019?

"TW: Ever since Peyton Manning hung up the cleats, the quarterback situation has been as tough as it can get. For a bit, it appeared that Trevor Siemian would steal the show and get something going. But once teams got game film on him, it was easy to identify the kind of quarterback he was and to better plan for him. Paxton Lynch and Brock Osweiler’s return to the Broncos in 2017 was a flat-out nightmare. Brock did have a good game last year coming in for Siemian, but it was just abysmal. Lynch just couldn’t grasp the playbook and was terrible.As far as Case Keenum is concerned, he has been up and down. Yes, some games he was at fault at a few points this season. He has turned it around recently, not turning the ball over. But now we need to see more production out of him. No more of these 150-200 yard passing games. With Chad Kelly gone, I would absolutely draft someone in 2019. I also would like to see Keenum with a new coach and see how he fairs, in all honesty. Just to see how he would perform."

DPD: I loved Royce Freeman coming out of Oregon and thought he could be a stud. I also felt like Phillip Lindsay was a good change of pace back and the Broncos stole him as a UDFA. I was wrong in that Lindsay became the stud and Freeman has been the player who changes things up. Did you have any idea Lindsay would be this good? And how can a team like the Browns hope to stop him?

"TW: I’ll admit that Phillip Lindsay surprised me when his name popped up in preseason. He just has the talents that just proves that he can be that cowbell running back. I just wish he was utilized more. in San Francisco. He only ran the ball 14 times for 30 yards. The Broncos have a great running game, but they don’t know how to use it half the time. Looking at Cleveland’s run defense and where they are ranked, all I can say is that they better hope Denver isn’t run heavy on Saturday."

DPD: The receiver position is completely different in Denver now with Demaryius Thomas gone and Emmanuel Sanders hurt. Outside of Courtland Sutton, who should the Browns be worried about in this game?

"TW: DaeSean Hamilton could be a name to keep an eye on. He showed last week that he has what it takes to take the role of second wide out. If he is utilized a bit more, it could help the team. Another player I would keep an eye on is Matt LaCosse. If Denver can utilize their tight ends, he could be a name to keep an eye on."

DPD: Denver went from 3-6, to 6-6 and suddenly looked like they could make a playoff run. Then they had the unexpected loss to San Francisco that hurt their chances. Do you think they still make the playoffs? And how important is this game in that endeavor?

"TW: There is still an outside chance, but in order for that to happen, Denver needs to win out and get a LOT of help. Virtually, they need some teams ahead of them to lose two games and two others to lose at least one. It is a tough road. Is there a chance, yes. Will it happen? Remains to be seen. For me, I am treating the Broncos vs. Browns game as a virtual elimination game for both teams. Whomever comes out victorious will hold on to their playoff hopes. The team that loses this game will likely be eliminated."

DPD: Just for fun, if there were one player on the Browns you could steal and put on the Broncos roster, who would it be and why?

"TW: There is no doubt in my mind that I would have the Broncos get Baker Mayfield. I have been following him because of my Sooners fandom and the guy can absolutely play. I was really hopeful going into draft day that Denver would have a decent shot at getting him. However, those dreams were dashed when I got a notification at work on draft day that said the Browns were likely going to go Mayfield at number one. Denver needs a young quarterback. And I would have enjoyed seeing him learn under Keenum. With how close the Broncos games have been this year, I can only imagine what Denver’s record would be like if Baker Mayfield was their starter with this roster. Then again, it is wishful thinking."

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We would like to send a big thank you to Ty for taking the time out to speak with us about the upcoming game. For more on the Browns next opponent, check out the work he and his crew do over at Predominantly Orange.