Daily Dawg Tags: Will the Cleveland Browns go all-in this off-season?

The Daily Dawg Tags brings you all the Cleveland Browns news that you need to know, including the possibility of the Browns going all-in this off-season.

The Cleveland Browns finished the 2018 season with one of their best records in several years and entered the off-season with plenty of momentum.

The biggest reason why the Browns have the momentum is because of the play from quarterback Baker Mayfield, who helped elevate the offense. And the young talent on the defensive side of the ball helped make life miserable for opposing offenses at times.

With the talent the Browns currently have on their roster, there is some belief that the Browns are one or two big name superstars away from being a competitive playoff team.

Despite how close the Browns appear to be, today’s featured article explains why “going for it” this off-season would be the wrong approach for general manager John Dorsey and the Browns organization.

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Cleveland Browns: Talkin’ truth about ‘going for it’ and what makes sense in 2019 – Terry Pluto, Cleveland.com

Dorsey is not talking about a four-year plan of pain. He wants to make the playoffs in 2019, even if he didn’t say that directly.

But he also refuses to make one or two wildly expensive moves in the hope of becoming a Super Bowl team in the upcoming season.

The Browns did show a lot of progress and talent during the 2018 season that created plenty of hope for fans. However, this is still a young team that is not just one or two moves away from being a top team in the league, so “going for it” this off-season would not be a wise approach.

Is Kyler Murray’s draft stock getting a boost from BakerMania?

There has been a lot of speculation over the last couple of weeks that Kyler Murray will be the No. 1 selection in the 2019 NFL Draft. Elliot Kennel wonders if the play of Mayfield has been a big reason for Murray to have such a high draft stock.

Ex-Browns RB Eric Metcalf happy to claim D.K. Metcalf as family with that body, speed and talent – Mary Kay Cabot, Cleveland.com

All it took was one look at Ole Miss receiver D.K. Metcalf’s body-builder physique and blistering 40-time at the NFL combine for former Browns All-Pro running back Eric Metcalf to consider him family.

After his performance at the Combine, D.K. Metcalf’s draft stock has sky-rocketed. His stock has risen so much that Browns fans are hoping that he makes it to the 17th overall selection. Add in the fact that he might be related to Eric Metcalf, then some Browns fans may want the wide receiver in Cleveland even more.

Is a trade for Justin Houston possible for the Browns?

There have been rumors that the Kansas City Chiefs are considering trading pass rusher Justin Houston, which makes John Hillbery consider the possibility of the Browns trading for Houston’s services.