Cleveland Browns News: Cost to get back into the first round

ARLINGTON, TX - APRIL 26: A video board displays the text 'ON THE CLOCK' for the Cleveland Browns during the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft at AT
ARLINGTON, TX - APRIL 26: A video board displays the text 'ON THE CLOCK' for the Cleveland Browns during the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft at AT /

The Daily Dawg Tags bring you all the Cleveland Browns news you need to know, including an estimation of what it would take to trade into the first round

Ever since the Cleveland Browns made their big trade to acquire Odell Beckham, Jr. in exchange for their first round pick (plus a third and Jabrill Peppers) there has been speculation about the team trading back into the first round. General manager John Dorsey did nothing to quell those rumors either as he said the team would be open for business on draft night.

Should the team move up, it would be hard to blame them for doing so. After adding OBJ, they look like a team ready to compete in the AFC. While staying put at No. 49 and drafting the best player available could help, they might be able to push themselves over the top with one more star player — provided of course that such a player falls to a spot where they could realistically get back into the mix on the first night of the draft.

From there, the question centers around the cost to move up. In today’s Daily Dawg Tags, we look at an article that tries to answer that very question.

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Cleveland Browns News

What would it take for the Browns to trade back into the first round? Hey, Mary Kay! — Mary Kay Cabot,

"“I think the Browns would have to give up not only their No. 49 overall pick, but another fairly high pick, possibly their second-rounder next year or a player such as Duke Johnson. I do think Johnson’s name will come up on draft weekend, especially since he’s asked to be traded. But again, the Browns have no plans to give him away. If they don’t get good value for him, they’ll hang onto him, at least until Kareem Hunt gets back. I think John Dorsey try to trade up if one of their highly-rated players slips to the second half of the first round.”"

Mary Kay is right that it would cost the 49th pick and at least a 2020 second round pick. As for the claim about Duke Johnson being an alternative to the 2020 pick, that seems far-fetched. Johnson’s value in a trade won’t be that high — we already saw how little they fetched for Emmanuel Ogbah and he was on a rookie deal as opposed to Duke who has a big contract for a backup running back. If Johnson does get moved during the draft, expect it to be a mid-round selection.

Absorbing Brock Osweiler’s $16 million contract for a second-round pick: Transforming the Cleveland Browns, Decision No. 14 — Doug Lesmerises,

"“The Browns picked offensive lineman Austin Corbett with the their own second-round pick in 2018, at No. 33. They picked running back Nick Chubb with the Osweiler pick at No. 35. Both will start for the Browns in 2019 in a playoff push. (The selection of Chubb will be its own move higher on the list.) Having two second-picks that high allowed John Dorsey to target both positions, and Chubb looks like a hit.”"

This was the first NBA-style salary dump in the NFL. In the end, the Browns paid $16 million to draft Nick Chubb. That’s a lot of money, but he’s a good player and they had it to spend.

Analyzing Todd McShay 3-round mock

The ESPN analyst had Justin Layne in the second round and Michael Jordan in the third. Drafting a guard that early seems like it would be admitting Austin Corbett isn’t the man — and all indications are they don’t feel that way at all.

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Browns wide receiver corps ranked as best in the NFL

Sports Illustrated ranked the wide receiver corps for the Cleveland Browns as the best in the NFL. This makes sense considering they now have Odell Beckham, Jr. and Jarvis Landry on the same field. However, they only seem more dangerous when you consider Rashard Higgins and Antonio Callaway also played very well in 2018.