Cleveland Browns: Colin Cowherd attacks Odell Beckham, Jr., gets slammed

FS1 talk show hose Colin Cowherd has made a habit recently of talking about Cleveland Browns players and now takes aim at wide receiver Odell Beckham, Jr.

Once again, the Cleveland Browns biggest critic is back at it. FS1’s Colin Cowherd has taken aim at another member of the team. After setting his sights on Baker Mayfield for much of the offseason, Cowherd is now talking about wide receiver Odell Beckham, Jr.

It isn’t the first time he’s dished on OBJ, as he tried to say Beckham wasn’t happy in Cleveland shortly after the trade. After that was rebutted by OBJ and some teammates — such as Mayfield — Cowherd is now going after Beckham’s character.

To try and prove that OBJ doesn’t act the way he should, Cowherd played a game on his show where he dissected the 10 memorable moments of the young wideout’s career.

No. 1 was “The Catch,” which he called one of the greatest catches ever, which even had a pass interference call declined. But they did lose the game. Still, Cowherd was very complimentary. He followed that up with the trade to the Browns, which led to him talking about the Giants saying they wouldn’t trade him, then doing so.

After that, he was on to the criticism as he brought up the infamous ‘boat trip’ picture. This was in reference to a photo OBJ and some New York teammates took on a boat six days before a playoff game against Green Bay.

Cowherd called it a “bad look” and read his stat line which included three drops and just 28 yards receiving. From there, it was the fight with the kicking net after an Eli Manning interception in a loss to the Washington Redskins.

After talking about a proposal to the net when Beckham tried to make light of the issue, Cowherd goes on to No. 6 which was the hotel room video where people believed he was smoking a blunt while eating pizza. Cowherd claims he defended him there because he was in Paris and with a model.

He then said he loved the “Dirty Dancing” commercial before talking about a meltdown in the tunnel after a low hit in a preseason game. Cowherd called him a “smaller” athlete and talked about how it was just an ankle sprain despite the reaction from the receiver.

In the end, Cowherd said OBJ’s top-10 moments consisted of one great catch, one great commercial and a “whole lot of nonsense.” He then said Beckham needs to show up to OTAs and start to work with Baker. This naturally elicited a response from Beckham who said his name is being used to gain clout.

Afterward, Baker Mayfield also came to OBJ’s aid calling the talk show host a “clown” and said “wisdom didn’t come with age” for Cowherd.

We all know by now, Cowherd is just trying to get people talking about him. The Browns are a hot topic and he knows they drive ratings. That doesn’t make his segment fair and it was understandable how Beckham responded.

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With all that being said, there’s one good thing coming from all this. Mayfield chiming in shows us all that the players have on another’s back, which is a great thing to see.