Cleveland Browns: 15 greatest offensive linemen of all-time

Joe Thomas, Alex Mack, Cleveland Browns. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Joe Thomas, Alex Mack, Cleveland Browns. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /
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Dick Schafrath
Dick Schafrath #77 (Photo by: Herman Seid Collection/Diamond Images/Getty Images) /

6. player. 53. . Tackle. (1959-71). Dick Schafrath

Greatest offensive lineman in Cleveland Browns history: #6. Dick Schafrath

Dick Schafrath has lived quite an accomplished life. He was a star at Ohio State in the late 1950s, as he played on both sides of the football. An offensive tackle and defensive end, Schafrath helped the Buckeyes win a National Championship in 1957. He then took part of the Rose Bowl in 1958 before declaring for the NFL Draft.

Schafrath stayed in the state as the Ohio-born kid was drafted by the Browns in the second round — 23rd overall. In an attempt to bulk up to play on the Browns’ offensive line, Schafrath began lifting weights, but also entered eating contests. He put on 50 pounds following his rookie season.

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That led to him starting all 12 games his sophomore season at left tackle, a position he never relinquished. Schafrath started 158 of the next 164 games in his career before hanging it up after the 1971 season. As a player, Schafrath won one NFL Championship in 1964 while being named to six Pro Bowls and earning four selections to the All-Pro First Team.

After his playing days were over, he moved to the coaching staff for the Washington Redskins for three seasons. Eventually, he moved into an entirely new profession, as the former NFL player got into politics.

He started out as a part of a committee called “Athletes for Reagan-Bush ’84” where he tried to help Ronald Reagan raise money for his campaign. Eventually, he moved into his own political career, as he became a member of the Ohio Senate in 1987. He stayed in office all the way through August 2000.