Cleveland Browns Week 5: Are 49ers the real deal?

The San Francisco 49ers are currently undefeated.  Their offense is buzzing and their defense is looking to find itself.  How will they play against the Cleveland Browns on Monday night?

Average. The San Francisco 49ers will be an average team on Monday night. The Cleveland Browns have talent, skill, and potential to be better than what they have already shown so far this season.

I feel that the 49ers have already shown what they are and what fans should expect from them. The 49ers have shown the ability to beat up on poor defenses, turn the ball over, and have their defense play well against average to below-average quarterbacks.

Jamies Winston had a decent game if you take away those three interceptions. Taking the interceptions away doesn’t add any points for Tampa Bay, but it keeps the ball out of the hands of the 49ers.

Jimmy Garoppolo didn’t play exceptionally well and their run game was hit and miss. Three different running backs got touches in this game, if Tevin Coleman is healthy this week, I would expect three backs to get touches against the Browns also.

Andy Dalton tossed for over 300 yards, two scores, but Joe Mixon was a non-factor. Mixon is a legitimate back in the NFL, he’s no slouch, and this front seven of the 49ers held Mixon to under 20 yards rushing on seven carries.

That stat is impressive and the Browns would be wise to keep that in mind. The 49ers run game exploded during this game, but the Bengals defense is awful. Every position on the Bengals defense is left wanting more and they won’t be finding it this year.

Mason Rudolph has taken over for the injured Ben Roethlisberger this season for the Steelers. Rudolph tossed an average game at best and James Conner was a non-factor. This Steelers offense has not been and will not be what they were last year.

Jimmy G tossed two picks against this defense. A defense that is average this season and is poor against the run so far. Winning by four points against a Steelers team that is without their star quarterback, their running back was nowhere to be found, and their defense forced five turnovers, is sad.

The Browns should win this game without any real issues. I’m not saying this game is a lock and to count it as a W just yet. I am saying that losing this game will mean big changes need to be made to right the ship.

Cleveland has too much talent, skill, and the potential to compete deep into the playoffs to lose to a team that hasn’t beaten a decent team yet.