Cleveland Browns fans need this Rally Possum bobblehead

Bobblehead HOF
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The Cleveland Browns are in need of a rally right now. Someone find the Rally Possum! Actually, maybe we should just get this bobblehead instead.

Remember last year’s Rally Possum? Well, we should say, remember last year when the Cleveland Browns were in the midst of a horrendous losing streak and a random possum found its way to the stands?

The little fella was picked up by a Browns fan and deposited into a box, but Cleveland ended up winning the game.

And thus, the Rally Possum was born!

Unfortunately, it looks like the Cleveland Browns are in need of another rally. But instead of grabbing another possum, let’s do something a little… safer? Cleaner? Cuter?

All three, really.

Bobblehead HOF
Bobblehead HOF /

Let’s just get this Rally Possum bobblehead, which was manufactured by FOCO and is available exclusively at the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum’s online store. 

  • Expected to ship in December 2019
  • Bobblehead is high quality and produced by FOCO
  • Individually numbered to only 1,000

With only 1,000 of these being made, you need to pre-order yours fast before you miss out. Don’t wait, Dawg Pound.