Cleveland Browns: Odell Beckham being tied to Dallas Cowboys

The rumors about Odell Beckham, Jr. have been going non-stop and now one rumor has the Cleveland Browns wide receiver linked to the Dallas Cowboys

The rumors just won't die. Odell Beckham, Jr. spent the final two seasons with the New York Giants clouded in uncertainty until he finally was traded to the Cleveland Browns this offseason.

Now in a new home, and in a locker room next to his best friend Jarvis Landry, the rumors of him being traded could finally stop. Or not.

Despite him just landing in Cleveland this year, the rumors and speculation have still been out of control. There are even rumors that OBJ is telling teams to come get him since he's unhappy in the Browns offense.

However, another team should be watched according to Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports. According to Robinson, OBJ wants to get closer to his family and one team he has eyes for is the Dallas Cowboys.

“What any of this means for Beckham’s future is a whole other matter. He has an opinionated circle of friends and family that surrounds him. Some still speak in hopeful tones about him potentially ending up with the Dallas Cowboys, which would put him in close proximity to his parents.“ — Robinson, Yahoo Sports

It's an interesting story because Odell did apparently list the Cowboys as one of the few teams he would accept a trade to this offseason. Not only is his family close by, but he has friends on the team and could stick it to the Giants since they play one another in the NFC East.

Of course, a lot would have to happen since the Cowboys currently have a No. 1 receiver in Amari Cooper who wants a new contract of his own. Would Dallas really let him leave to take OBJ and his roughly $20 mill contract? Would that hurt their chances of re-signing Dak Prescott?

There's also the question of who coaches the team. Jason Garrett is a dead man walking, and while Beckham feels misused by Freddie Kitchens, no one knows if the Cowboys will have a better situation next season.

Still, the rumors will keep going so strap in Browns fans. This is only the beginning.

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It's going to get real loud when the season comes to an end and the trade talks are allowed to commence.