Daily Dawg Tags: Cleveland Browns lured into Patriots spying scandal

The Daily Dawg Tags brings you all the Cleveland Browns news you need to know, including the Browns being mixed into the Patriots spying incident.

The Cleveland Browns and New England Patriots may not have much in common this season, but they are being talked about in the same sentence a lot over the past week. That is because of the  Browns being involved in New England's most recent spying incident.

During Cleveland's Week 14 game against the Cincinnati Bengals, two New England Patriots staffers were caught video taping the game, including eight minutes of the Cincinnati sideline. The Patriots claim they were filming for a short documentary about one of their advance scouts. Cleveland's PR staff allowed this to happen, but did not inform the Bengals or the NFL.

Although all the fault falls onto the Patriots, the Browns are receiving flak for not informing the league or Cincinnati. Especially since the Patriots were reportedly caught filming the Bengals sideline, it's not a great look for the Browns to be lured into this situation.

Today's featured article discusses the Browns being involved in the incident and what the Bengals and Patriots are saying about the situation.

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Browns and FirstEnergy Stadium caught up in spying accusation against Patriots - Scott Patsko, Cleveland.com

The Patriots later released a statement acknowledging that they did have a film crew at FirstEnergy Stadium on Sunday, but that they were on site for a documentary series called “Do Your Job," which was focusing on a scout preparing for an upcoming opponent. (The Patriots play the Bengals in Week 15).

The Browns are not at fault in this situation, even though they likely should have informed the Bengals and league what was going take place. But even with the Browns not being directly involved in the situation, them having a small role in this situation could end up leading to another distraction the organization desperately does not need after the season they've endured.

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It is clear Odell Beckham Jr. is frustrated with how he is being used in the offense based on his composure on the field. It may not have reached the level where Beckham will demand a trade in the offseason, but the Browns cannot keep building the frustration with Beckham.

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