Cleveland Browns News: Todd Monken told opposing coaches team was 'total mess'

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BOWLING GREEN, KY - DECEMBER 5: Head Coach Todd Monken of the Southern Miss Golden Eagles on the sidelines during a game against the WKU Hilltoppers at Houchens-Smith Stadium on December 5, 2015 in Bowling Green, Kentucky. The Hilltoppers defeated the Golden Eagles 45-28. (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)

Cleveland Browns offensive coordinator Todd Monken reportedly called the team a 'total mess' when speaking with opposing coaches during the season

You could be forgiven if you didn't realize Todd Monken was the offensive coordinator of the Cleveland Browns. The fact is, no one ever really heard much from him.

Really, the only time Monken would be mentioned was when now-fired head coach Freddie Kitchens would say he's not turning the play-calling over to Monken. And apparently, there may have been more to Kitchens' refusal to give up his duties.

On the surface, it appeared to be stubbornness, but it was likely that animosity between the two factored in as well. Reports have now surfaced that Monken and Kitchens didn't see eye to eye.

It was so bad that Monken would even tell opposing coaches before games that the Browns were a 'total mess.' Clearly, there was more dysfunction behind the scenes than any of us realized.

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Jackson: What’s next for this total mess called the Cleveland Browns? — Zac Jackon, The Athletic (subscription required)

“Multiple sources told The Athletic that late in the season, Monken would spend time on the field before games telling opposing coaches how bad things were with the Browns, calling the team a “total mess” and saying that Kitchens’ Sunday play calling generally steered away from most things that had been in the game plan from Wednesday-Saturday.”

It's disturbing that after the Todd Haley vs. Hue Jackson fiasco of 2019, the Browns would again find themselves in a situation where two of their coaches can't co-exist. There's something wrong in the franchise and sadly, it goes much deeper than any of us realize.

Why Josh McDaniels might not want Cleveland Browns job — Ryan Hannable, WEEI Radio

"The report says DePodesta will over-see the football department thousands of miles away.

So, how does this impact McDaniels? The report says McDaniels may not agree to any set-up involving DePodesta, even if that includes him getting to hire his own personnel man."

When the Browns fired John Dorsey, some dots were being connected to Josh McDaniels who wants his own personnel guy. Perhaps the DePodesta situation could change that. Or maybe DePodesta would be fine just helping in the coaching search than returning to the role he had in 2019.

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