Daily Dawg Tags: Cleveland Browns likely moving on from David Njoku

The Daily Dawg Tags bring you all the Cleveland Browns news you need to know, including one story centered around the team possibly moving on from David Njoku

Once again, the rumors are heating up about David Njoku's future with the Cleveland Browns. After two good seasons to start his career, the former first-round pick was an afterthought in 2019.

While he did head to IR with a broken wrist, Njoku wasn't seen much at all after returning late in the season. That led to a belief that he could be gone in 2020.

Then with the latest regime change, there was a small hope that the Browns could keep Njoku on the roster and get something out of him. However, that's still up in the air as there is becoming more expectation that Njoku could be elsewhere this year.

That story and more can be found in today's Daily Dawg Tags.

Cleveland Browns News

Expectation is ramping up that the Browns could move on from David Njoku — Chad Porto, Factory of Sadness

"The odds of the team moving on from Njoku are high. Numerous sites and experts predict the Browns to be a big player to get former Los Angeles Chargers tight end Hunter Henry. You’re not paying Henry to come in to teach Njoku but to replace him."

The Browns adding someone as talented as Hunter Henry would be an upgrade, but there has to be some concern about injury. Henry has yet to play a full 16-game season and missed four games in 2019 due to a  fracture in his knee. This came after sitting out all of 2018 with a torn ACL. So yes, he's a great player, but maybe going after Austin Hooper from the Falcons would make more sense.

What a revamped red carpet would do for 2020

Robert Higgins is set to be a free agent, and it seems as though he could be on the way out after hardly being used by the Browns in 2019. Still, Grant Puskar believes the team could benefit from bringing him back for at least another season.

Ohio medical board: Being Browns, Bengals fan not painful enough to treat with medical pot — Joshua Axelrod, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"In addition to deciding medical marijuana was ultimately not a reasonable way to treat real issues like depression, insomnia or opioid disorder, the committee also determined that it was not a sufficient remedy for being a Browns or Bengals fan either. Many fans of those teams would probably beg to differ."

It seemed surreal that the push for medical marijuana for Browns got as much attention as it did. However, there was no way this was really going to get passed.

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NFL reinstates Cleveland Browns Myles Garrett after serving suspension

The NFL seems to have finally gotten something right. Myles Garrett being suspended was the right call, but to hit him with the "indefinite" ban felt like a but much. Thankfully, Garrett will get a chance to return to the field as the league finally reinstated him on Wednesday.