Former Colts GM Ryan Grigson rejoining Cleveland Browns front office

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INDIANAPOLIS, IN - NOVEMBER 24: Indianapolis Colts general manager Ryan Grigson looks on before the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Lucas Oil Stadium on November 24, 2016 in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Steelers defeated the Colts 28-7. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

The Cleveland Browns front office continues to add pieces, as Andrew Berry will be utilizing Ryan Grigson in an advisory and consulting role.

Cleveland Browns general manager Andrew Berry has yet to make any official key additions to his personnel staff. However, he is starting to add pieces to his front office, as the Browns will be hiring former Indianapolis Colts general manager Ryan Grigson in an advisory and consulting role, according to Ian Rapaport of NFL Network.

Grigson was with the Browns in 2017 as a senior personnel executive. He was a member of Sashi Brown's regime, but was no longer working with the Browns shortly after John Dorsey became the team's general manager.

Berry and Grigson have an extensive history of working together in the personnel department. The two started working together in the Indianapolis Colts front office in 2012. After Grigson was hired in general manager in 2012, Berry was promoted to the Colts Pro Scouting Coordinator after previously working as a scouting assistant and pro scout.

After Berry left the Colts to join Cleveland's front office in 2016, Grigson was fired as the Colts general manager one year later. Due to their working relationship, it would not be surprising if Berry played a role in Grigson being hired by the Browns in 2017.

Grigson has received plenty of criticism for his years as the Colts general manager. After being hired by the Colts, Grigson underwent a large remodel of the Colts roster. Grigson made several questionable free agent signings, which played a role in the Colts "wasting" the beginning of Andrew Luck's career.

As the Colts general manager, Grigson missed on several key draft picks. Although Berry was with the Colts during that time, he likely did not have a large say in the draft choices being made by Grigson considering his role was scouting on the pro side of the department instead of the college side of the department.

Serving in an advisory role, Grigson will seemingly help Berry adjust to his new role as the general manager. After serving five seasons in that capacity, Grigson could help Berry manage the ins-and-outs of the position. Berry may also heed potential advice from Grigson in potential personnel decisions.

Although Grigson may not have the best reputation around the NFL, it is evident he is someone Berry can trust. As the Browns continue to pursue "alignment" throughout the organization, Berry is going to want to add people he can believe in and trust when it comes to making decisions.

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Grigson could prove to not have a huge role in the front office serving as an advisor and consultant. However, with the history of working with Berry, Grigson could be in position to gain a larger role in Berry's front office somewhere down the line.