Cleveland Browns 2020 uniforms sharp, not NEW

If the idea all along for the 2020 Browns NEW uniform was to re-use an OLD look, then why all the pre-release hype? Unless that’s NOT what ACTUALLY happened…

I’m not sure how to take all this hype surrounding the Cleveland Browns ‘NEW’ uniforms.

These were released recently after a whole lot of hype about a “new” look.

In case you missed it, here’s the latest Tweet with a picture:

Sweet, right?

Here’s where I’m getting thrown off a bit. I was told for months by the Browns media to “get excited” about these NEW uniforms (and I did). But then they have the big “reveal” and these NEW unis turn out to be just like the OLD unis, in that they are another basic combination of seal brown, burnt orange, and white. Again, sweet.

I LOVE the Browns’ crazy color scheme – have since I was seven and will wear it proudly forever. And aside from the ‘why no orange pants’ question, most fans (me included) seem to agree that this 2020 Browns uniform looks absolutely sharp.

But did we really need all that amped up pre-release NEW uni hype? All for the familiar combination of seal brown, burnt orange and white?

Reminds me of when they run a huge ad campaign for an ALL-NEW Taco Bell item, but then it turns out to be meat, beans, and cheese on some kind of tortilla. Delicious, always, but did you have to tease me like I was about to taste something different?

Same with these NEW Browns uniforms.

Why get the fans all lathered up for something exciting when in reality they were just repackaging the Browns’ classic look of the 60s and 70s? Again, I’m totally okay with that – the simple and clean look IS better – but why all the hype?

Here’s my theory, and then I’ll close with an actual quote from the NEW uni-hype video that DID give me goosebumps.

WHAT IF the guy in charge of creating the new Browns look really DID want to put out something new and different? Something edgy and evolved that would blow our minds. And WHAT IF he hyped it just like that for months leading up to the release date because that was the actual plan? And WHAT IF he slowly released online some possibilities to get a feel for how Browns fans would react?


Proof? Okay, did you happen to see that picture that circulated the internet of one possible Browns uniform that used Brownie the Elf as its theme? Including his mushed-up face on the helmet, brown and white striped under-sleeves and a giant cartoon belt and buckle around the waist?

Or maybe you saw the picture of the Browns helmet that had a tinier Browns helmet on its side, which had an even tinier Browns helmet on its side, and so on?

Or any of those gawd-awful Dawg-themed helmets and unis?

My THEORY is that THESE WERE ALL LEGITIMATE POSSIBILITIES and were being circulated to take a pulse, because the guy in charge of creating the new Browns look really DID want to blow our minds.

And we unequivocally told him HAIL NO.

Read the comments under those posted pictures – Browns fans ruthlessly tore those outside-the-box ideas straight UP, crying, “None of that new-fangled fluff in Cleveland!” Must have crushed that guy’s spirit. Theoretically.

And then WHAT IF the promised release date was fast approaching, and the guy in charge of NEW unis absolutely panicked while Googling other ideas and like a desperate fast-food ad man thought, “I know – we’ll do a throwback version and just re-use what’s already been done.”

Meat, beans, and cheese on some kind of tortilla.

“We’ll sell it as ‘rooted in our past’ and ‘distinct’ and ‘iconic’ and show inspirational game footage with a deep-throated voice over.”

But his assistant asks, “Didn’t we build up their expectations like we came up with something new?”

“Yes, that part IS unfortunate. We’ll just have to hope that in the midst of all the seal brown, burnt orange and white nostalgia we unfurl, they forget we ever did that.”

“Final design question, boss, do we include the orange pants?”

“ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! Always leave ’em wanting more…”

But that’s just a theory…

If you haven’t yet, take a sec and watch this quick video the Browns released for the NEW uniform reveal. It’ll make anyone still on the fence thrilled they went back to that classic look.

One line from it struck me as poignant given what the entire world is currently enduring:

“When we all put on that uniform, we are connected by a common passion and pride. A sense of togetherness that has stood the test of time.”

Easy to forget that from six feet apart.

Can’t wait to see the NEW / OLD Cleveland Browns uniforms back on the field this September, Goodell willing.

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And as a postseason treat that fans will joyfully anticipate, the Browns could whip out those bright orange pants every January.