Who do the Cleveland Browns draft in the second round?

The Cleveland Browns went out on the first night of the draft and grabbed, what should be, their future left tackle for hopefully the next decade. What’s next at No. 41?

The Cleveland Browns have to be going back and forth on what to do now in the second and third rounds. The Browns draft next at No. 41, but who are they taking? Safety, linebacker, or wide receiver? Let’s talk about safeties.

Watch the highlights of Jeremy Chinn from Southern Illinois. The man has size, range, good instincts, and crazy athleticism. The Browns landing such a high talent would help strengthen the secondary depth and give the rookie some time to learn behind veterans who have played at high levels.

The tape on Chinn is compelling because his talent is there. If you can come up with an argument as to why you should pass on Chinn, I’m all ears.

Poor tackling has plagued LSU safety Grant Delpit. With that being said, that was Greedy Williams‘ biggest downfall too. Yes tackling is important. However, Williams showed Cleveland Browns fans his rookie year that he can tackle and can be effective.

His range and athleticism will carry him as far into the NFL as he wants to go. Delpit could have been a first round pick, but he has fallen and he would be a steal for the Browns at No. 41.

Delpit should be able to make that adjustment if he wants to have any sort of career in the NFL. If that adjustment is made, his career should look to be an amazing one with a pro player comparison of Eric Berry.

Xavier McKinney from Alabama is a good mix of both Delpit and Chinn. Great ball skills, football IQ is through the roof, not afraid to step up and make big hits, and he can play in the box very well.

Scouts say his weakness is deep range, but the film on him shows his range is just fine. His hands are awesome for a secondary player and his ability to punish running backs down low will be feared around the league.

If McKinney goes before No. 41, it will suck, but Delpit or Chinn should be there for Cleveland Browns fans to drool over and consider welcoming them to Cleveland in 2020.