Interview with Cleveland Browns UDFA safety Jovante Moffatt

As the Cleveland Browns were very active when the undrafted free agent signing period opened up, they signed many guys, including safety Jovante Moffatt.

As the Cleveland Browns wrapped up their 2020 NFL Draft with a solid draft haul overall, arguably one of the top drafts across the league, they made no mistake in jumping the gun and going after many undrafted free agent signings as soon at things opened up.

One of those guys they made a move to get? Safety out of Middle Tennessee Jovante Moffatt. Moffatt sits at 6-foot-0 and 210 pounds. He finished with three interceptions to go along with 98 total tackles in his senior campaign. So what are the Browns getting in Moffatt as a safety?

“I am an aggressive tackler, playing in the box, free or high. I can move around all over the defense. Cleveland is getting a defensive player and that is what I am going to be heading into Cleveland.”

A versatile defensive back is something the Browns could definitely get a lot out of not just on the defensive side of the ball, but also on special teams. Moffatt is quick, can hit hard and tackle in the open field, something the Browns have been missing for a long, long time. One thing Moffatt highlighted is pressure, something he does not believe in.

“I love the big moments, but I wouldn’t really say its pressure. I am an undrafted free agent. You can say a lot is expected or a lot is not. I’m just taking the opportunity going in there with my head down ready to work.”

All of these undrafted free agents are going to have to have that mindset as they try to make 53-man rosters across the NFL. Who is Moffatt looking forward to meeting and learning from as soon as he gets in the building?

“I would say Karl Joseph. Growing up I watched a lot of his film. Knowing that he is on the team and that I can learn a lot from him and seeing how he moves on a day-to-day basis will be very beneficial to my career.” 

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As Moffatt arrives in Cleveland and begins his journey to the 53-man roster, he is going to do everything you ask of an athlete: Keep his head down, work hard and grind. As the Browns continue to add pieces to their roster, these young men look to take the right steps to fulfill their dreams and come one step closer to that 53-man roster.