Cleveland Browns: These Baker Mayfield odds look right to you?

CINCINNATI, OHIO - DECEMBER 29: Baker Mayfield #6 of the Cleveland Browns throws a pass before the game against the Cincinnati Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium on December 29, 2019 in Cincinnati, Ohio. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
CINCINNATI, OHIO - DECEMBER 29: Baker Mayfield #6 of the Cleveland Browns throws a pass before the game against the Cincinnati Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium on December 29, 2019 in Cincinnati, Ohio. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) /

The latest predictions and odds for Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield’s 2020 production seem too good to be true. Time to bust open that gambling kitty?

Look, I’m no football gambler, but that could seriously change after seeing the odds maker’s current predictions on Baker Mayfield’s 2020 production.

Wait’ll you see it– they must think Baker suddenly forgot how to play football or that this season he’s decided to throw left-handed.

For those who’ve forgotten, Baker Mayfield works under center in Cleveland and has a slingshot throwing arm and the kind of football IQ that an experienced and talented coach could totally take advantage of.

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Know any?

The Cleveland Browns and their forlorn fans are hoping that describes the new head coach they just hired, Kevin Stefanski. They need him to do what his predecessor failed to accomplish, which is to simply squeeze the fat and juicy sliced lemons he’s just been handed and make some darn lemonade.

One huge key to making that thirst-quenching metaphor a drinkable reality is to prioritize the development of the aforementioned Baker Mayfield, whose sophomore slump last season has some doubters running for the Case Keenum fields.

But watching Stefanski and new general manager Andrew Berry use this offseason to surround Mayfield with way better protection and even more talented targets makes betting on his success slightly tempting right now.

And notice how quiet Mayfield’s been on social media this offseason?

Fans of his (like me) appreciate Baker’s current radio silence because it means he’s completely focusing his energy elsewhere. Like spending this lockdown doing shirtless, in-garage workouts in front of his wife, something I could only dream of making happen here at the Lukas compound.

So check out what the so-called gambling experts are predicting Mayfield and company will produce on offense during the upcoming 2020 season – and tell me you don’t think they’ve set the bar so low that it makes betting on the Browns seem almost…logical.

Whoa, been a few dozen quarterbacks since that’s been true.

Mayfield’s Total Passing Yards – 2020 Regular Season

  • Over 3857.5                  -110
  • Under 3875.5               -110

Seriously? Mayfield would have almost made the over his rookie season (3,725 yards) and was even closer during his “dreadful” 2019 (3,827 yards), and that’s despite the cheek-clenching lack of protection and the horrible “surprise quiz” style of play calling.

And now, with a newly beefed-up front line and a healthy receiving corps that also includes tight end Austin Hooper, you want to bet me that they can’t pass for more than 3,900 yards?

You’re on.

With the talent surrounding him and the constant threat of the Browns’ two-headed rushing attack ever-looming, I’d be shocked if Mayfield threw for less than 4,000 yards this season and wouldn’t be surprised if it was closer to 5,000.

I think his doubters will be stunned when Baker the flag-planting, record-breaking hurler of balls clearly reminds them of why he was recently the number one overall pick and is still a future statue model for the city of Cleveland.

Definitely take the over.

Mayfield’s Total Passing Touchdowns – Regular Season

  • Over 23.5                    -110
  • Under 23.5                  -110

Wow. For Mayfield to not throw at least 24 touchdowns this season, he will have to either lose two of his five major limbs or make the decision to only throw the football with his calves.

Even if you forget that he threw for 27 his rookie season for an NFL record, at least consider that Mayfield threw for 22 touchdowns last year during the worst season of his football career. And that’s while continuously scrambling for his existence like the last piece of bacon at an all-dude buffet. Now, with Jack Conklin and Jedrick Wills and Hooper and a healthy OBJ and Jarvis and a rushing attack with decent hands, you want to bet me Baker can’t throw for at least 24 TDs?

You’re on. In fact, I bet he does 30. Definitely take the over.

Mmmm… Can you tell these jello shots I made with Browns’ offseason Kool-Aid are sliding down smoothly?

Except it’s absolutely true that the Browns and their competitors will start the season 0-0 and with all the changes the team just made, that zero on the left is the digit I can’t wait to watch for changes.

Next. What does re-singing Rashard Higgins mean?. dark

Think it’ll shift to 9? 10?

Bet Baker Mayfield does.