Cleveland Browns: Myles Garrett pokes fun at Odell Beckham for ‘spanking the cop’

Myles Garrett has shown off his humor on more than one occasion and now the Cleveland Browns star is poking fun at Odell Beckham, Jr. for an offseason incident

This was an interesting offseason for Odell Beckham, Jr. The Cleveland Browns wide receiver was living it up as his former collegiate team went on to win the National Championship.

OBJ was seen on the sideline, in the stands, and on the field celebrating. Then after the game, he was in the locker room — and there were those who thought he had a little too much fun.

During the locker room celebration, a security guard came in and told the players they couldn’t smoke, as some had lit up cigars. Beckham, for whatever reason, thought it would be a good time to slap that guard on the backside while saying “get the gat” several times.

Now, after watching ESPN’s The Last Dance, fellow Browns player Myles Garrett found himself being reminded of that night when he saw Dennis Rodman and Karl Malone have a funny exchange.

He then took to Twitter to troll OBJ.

Originally, there was some concern the issue with OBJ could go worse. The security guard was unhappy and a warrant was issued. Eventually, the charges were dropped and cooler heads prevailed.

For that reason, Beckham can probably laugh it off now. He will probably also be on the lookout for some ammunition to use on Garrett to get him back in the future.

UPDATE: OBJ saw Garrett’s tweet and was quick to poke fun right back. His reaction might have been even better:

It’s clearly all in fun as the two are enjoying one another’s previous poor publicity.

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Garrett has always been a great follow on Twitter and Beckham proved he can hang with him no problem.