Do Cleveland Browns, Baker Mayfield have best offensive weapons in NFL?

The Cleveland Browns have built up their offense the last few years, and it may have resulted in the Browns having the best offensive personnel in the NFL.

Since drafting Baker Mayfield with the No. 1 selection in the 2018 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns have not stopped adding talent around him. Cleveland’s front office knew they had wiggle room since Mayfield was on a rookie contract, so they used the extra money to build a dangerous offensive weapon arsenal for Mayfield.

Whether it be in the backfield with Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt or the wide receiver and tight end group with Odell Beckham, Jarvis Landry, Austin Hooper, and David Njoku, Mayfield’s offense is loaded with talent.

That begs the question: Do the Cleveland Browns and Mayfield have the best offensive weapon arsenal in the NFL? Kyle Brandt of NFL Network believes that is the case.

There is no doubt the Browns have at the very least a top-five offense in terms of skills players’ talent. When a team boasts arguably the top running back and top receiver in the NFL, as well as a top-five tight end, it is not even a question they should be considered one of the best in the NFL.

However, Cleveland’s offense is not just top-heavy, considering the Browns have depth at running back with Hunt, who won the NFL rushing title in 2017, one of the best No. 2 receivers in the NFL with Landry, and a No. 2 tight end who has shown the potential of being a mismatch for defenses in Njoku.

No matter what position group it is, Mayfield has a deep group of weapons he can utilize. For many defenses, it will be hard to limit every single piece of the Browns offense because of the talent across the board.

The Browns are certainly one of the most talented offenses in the NFL, but they certainly have some competition with the Dallas Cowboys, New Orleans Saints, and the Kansas City Chiefs to be considered the best group of offensive skill players. However, it could be considered a two-horse race between the Browns and Cowboys, especially since the Cowboys added CeeDee Lamb in the 2020 NFL Draft.

Can Baker Mayfield take advantage of the talent?

Even the Browns accrued most of this talent last season, Mayfield was unable to turn the offensive weapons into an explosive season. Whether it be the offensive line, the coaching staff, or poor chemistry, there were several reasons as to why the Browns offense struggled last season.

However, at least two of those issues have been remedied with a brand new coaching staff, as well as the offensive line being revamped. Even if Mayfield does set the NFL world on fire this season, he will certainly improve on his poor sophomore season.

Kevin Stefanski’s offensive scheme is tailor-made for Mayfield, as he thrived when throwing after play-action. And with a strong offensive line across the board, Mayfield will have plenty of time to deliver to his offensive weapons. Also, with Chubb and Hunt behind Mayfield, they will keep the defense on their toes because of their elite rushing skills.

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It may be a debate that the Browns have the best offensive weapon arsenal in the NFL. But no matter what, Mayfield is well-positioned to take advantage of his offensive arsenal and have a much improved 2020 season.