Cleveland Browns News: Is Baker Mayfield ruining Odell Beckham and Jarvis Landry?

Cleveland Browns (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images) /

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The question seems harsh but it’s understandable. The Cleveland Browns have a lot of talent in Odell Beckham, Jr. and Jarvis Landry but Baker Mayfield looked nothing like a No. 1 overall pick last season.

Sure, we have all seen him get it done and look the part in the past, but his sophomore season was one to forget. However, his critics aren’t ready to do that just yet as they’re now asking if his play is wasting the talent that OBJ and Landry have.

It’s natural to want to defend the quarterback, who does have all the tools to be successful in the NFL. The problem is, until he starts piling up the wins, it will be difficult to convince those who think he will not succeed.

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Without more from Baker Mayfield, Browns will waste Odell Beckham Jr., talented offense — Dalton Del Don and Andy Behrens, Yahoo Sports

"“No. Mayfield took a giant step back last season, to the point it’s concerning moving forward. He finished bottom-five in CPOE and struggled from a clean pocket, so I barely have him as a top-20 fantasy QB despite the nice set of skill position players in Cleveland.”"

The point-blank question was whether this season could see the Browns having some top-10 fantasy play from OBJ and Dalton was emphatic that it isn’t happening. He’s not wrong that Baker Mayfield took a step back in 2019 and it’s hard to defend him until we see it being done — which is what we all did last season only to be proven wrong. In order to silence the critics, Mayfield will have to do it on the field.

ESPN analysts: Cleveland Browns should sign Cam Newton — Ben Axelrod,

"“Appearing on ESPN’s ‘Get Up,’ former NFL players turned analysts Dominique Foxworth and Marcus Spears agreed the Cleveland Browns should sign quarterback Cam Newton.”"

We knew this was coming once OBJ and Cam Newton started working out. At this point, such a signing doesn’t make sense. Cleveland is already heavily invested in the position with Baker Mayfield and even Case Keenum is making a lot as the No. 2 signal-caller. Newton isn’t joining them.

Do the Cleveland Browns have the right approach to defensive end? Vernon? Clowney? Someone else? — Terry Pluto,

"“The latest news is the Browns reportedly have a one-year, $15 million deal available for Clowney. That makes sense. They have Olivier Vernon on a $15 million contract that isn’t guaranteed until a week before the regular season.”"

Pluto seems sure that the Browns are wanting to move on from Vernon, who he called an old 29 due to his injury concerns. It wouldn’t be the worst idea for them, because players don’t typically get healthier as they age.

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How Baker Mayfield ranks in Cleveland Browns history

Baker Mayfield has only been with the Browns for two seasons and he’s already ranked pretty high on their all-time record books. It’s a pretty interesting read here from Mitch Zoloty that makes you realize just how bad it was before No. 6 was drafted.