Odell Beckham Jr. poised for redemption with the Cleveland Browns in 2020

Odell Beckham Jr. recently reaffirmed his commitment to the Cleveland Browns.

Odell Beckham Jr, had 74 receptions for 1,035 yards and four touchdowns for the Cleveland Browns in 2019. For many, that would be considered a solid season, but for a talent like OBJ, that is mediocre. Since his tremendous first three years in the league, Beckham has seen his stat line drop with injuries being a major part of that.

In 2017, Beckham only played in four games because of an ankle injury. In 2018, Beckham signed a massive $95 million extension with the New York Giants. Beckham would have a decent year with 77 catches, 1,052 receiving yards, and six touchdowns, but nowhere near the production that was expected.

For the first time in three seasons, Beckham will come into the year fully healthy. Head coach Kevin Stefanski shared in a press conference last week that Beckham is moving well and is 100 percent. And after a tweet on Monday, it appears he is healthy and motivated.

All last season, all Browns fans heard was Beckham wanted out. No one was ever sure where the rumor started, but after what happened in New York with David Gettleman can make any star jumpy. When Beckham signed the 2018 extension, Gettleman swore the team didn’t sign Beckham just to trade him. Then boom, John Dorsey pulls off a blockbuster trade for Beckham.

Now with rumors heating up OBJ may be interested in the New England Patriots because of the singing of Cam Newton, the media is talking again. Thankfully Beckham put an end to this quickly, with an unfinished business tweet.

A question Browns fans must ask, what has Beckham done or said to make you think he wants out of Cleveland? It’s nothing, the only thing remotely “diva” he has done is wore an expensive watch on the field. Other than that, he has played through a tough injury and been a good teammate. The media has exposed him as a monster, which it appears, he simply is not.

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Beckham may see fewer targets in the Stefanski system, but his opportunity for big plays will be much higher. And let’s be honest, if the Browns win games, you won’t hear negativity from anyone. A fast start is more important than ever for this Browns team, but look for a motivated and committed Beckham to have a strong year in brown and orange.