Why Sheldrick Redwine could make biggest jump from the 2019 draft class

Cleveland Browns safety Sheldrick Redwine recently explained why he’s expecting to make a huge jump in 2020.

In the crazy offseason the Cleveland Browns and the NFL overall has had, it’s easy to forget about Sheldrick Redwine. The Browns brought in three safeties this offseason: 2020 second round pick Grant Delpit and free-agent acquisitions Andrew Sendejo and Karl Joseph. Many think the majority of safety reps will be split between the new acquisitions.

With new defensive coordinator Joe Woods bringing in his own defense, however, it’s likely the Browns will play with three safeties on the field instead of two. This means more of a reliance on the safety position and less on the linebacker position. It’s pretty obvious with the offseason moves that were made this is the plan.

Since safeties will be relied on more, Redwine finds himself in a great position to keep his starting role he gained at the end of the season. Senedjo and Joseph are on one-year contracts and both have an injury history. Relying on both of them to be on the field at the same time isn’t a great idea.

If Redwine is able to prove himself as a starter, then the Cleveland Browns should be able to have Redwine and Delpit manning down two of the three safety positions, while Senedjo and Joseph rotate in the box safety position.

The opportunity is going to be there for Redwine to shine, but will he? He seems to believe he will be more than capable to make a big jump this year. In a recent interview with David Furones of the South Florida Sun Sentinel, Redwine has talked about what he’s been doing this offseason.

Redwine went on to say in the interview that he felt like last season he barely scratched the surface of his potential, and he has been learning a lot from some of the veterans like Jarvis Landry and OBJ.

“In college, I didn’t really understand the importance of taking care of your body. In the NFL, every day you see the top players. I’m looking at Jarvis [Landry], Odell [Beckham Jr.] constantly in the training room, getting their bodies worked on. Going to their house, they’re going home and they’re getting more work done.”

These extra hours of taking care of your body and putting in extra work really do add up throughout the offseason. If this is something Redwine truly has been doing and he has developed the work ethic Beckham and Landry have, then he is in line for a major leap in 2020.

In the NFL, pretty much everyone is at the same level of raw talent, minus a few of the top players. It’s the work ethic and the time players put in that separates them from their colleagues. Redwine’s increased work ethic and if his newfound knowledge from Beckham and Landry are picked up, he could be in for a great season in 2020.

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Opportunity and preparation are usually a recipe for success, and Redwine finds himself entering 2020 with an abundance of both.

If you would like to read the full interview Sheldrick Redwine did with David Furones, you can click here.