3 Cleveland Browns most affected by no preseason

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Which Cleveland Browns players will be hurt most with no preseason?

The current pandemic in our country has put the NFL regular season in doubt and all but eliminated the preseason. We are living in times that we have never seen in this country but things have slowly started to return to normal including the return of sports and most NFL teams are scheduled to report to training camp in the next week or so.

Recently the players raised concerns over safety measures (or a lack thereof) when they return to their job. The NFLPA sent a list of these concerns or requests to the league to feel safe returning to work and one of those conditions was to completely eliminate the preseason.

The league agreed so there will be no preseason games in 2020. This could have a tremendous effect on countless young players around the NFL. And not just young players, there are veterans who will also be fighting for roster spots who won’t have those game reps to state their case.

There will also be players who will defiantly make the roster but may struggle after missing the preseason. Teams with new head coaches are also suffer greatly from this because they are trying to install new systems and get used to different leadership style.

Insert the Cleveland Browns who replaced Freddie Kitchens with Minnesota Vikings offensive coordinator Kevin Stefanski. Technology allows him to be in contact with all of his players but nothing can take the place of in-person interaction.

Lets take a look at several Browns who could struggle when the season begins as a result of losing four preseason games.

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