Cleveland Browns News: Baker Mayfield takes hit in QB rankings

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Every year in the NFL we see all sorts of rankings — from teams to quarterbacks to coaches. We love to list these things out and place them in order even though it means nothing. But just because it means nothing doesn’t mean we don’t get riled up when one of our favorites is ranked too low.

That’s the case now for Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield who finds himself dropping in a recent quarterback ranking by The Athletic. Mayfield dropped a tier in their most recent piece on all the signal-callers in the NFL.

Mayfield did struggle in 2019, but so did the entire team. Still, the poor play always falls on the quarterback — fair or not.

That story and more can be found in today’s Daily Dawg Tags.

Cleveland Browns News

Baker Mayfield judged harshly in The Athletic’s QB rankings — Thomas Moore, Dawgs by Nature

“With 38 of the voters placing him in Tier 3, Mayfield is listed at No. 21 after a season that saw his completion percentage fall to 59.4 percent from 63.8 percent as a rookie, his touchdown passes drop too22 from 27, and his interceptions increase to 21 from 14.”

After The Athletic called Baker Mayfield a Tier 2 quarterback in 2019, he slides back to the third tier in 2020. It’s hard not to see where they’re coming from since last season was an utter disaster, but Mayfield has the tools to get back in the good graces of those who make these rankings.

Baker Mayfield, Jedrick Wills Jr. and some other Browns permitted in the team facility today for the first time — Mary Kay Cabot,

“Baker Mayfield, Jedrick Wills Jr. and some other Browns players are permitted in the Browns facility for the first time today after completing their four days of Covid-19 pre-entry testing.”

The NFL is still hoping they can navigate the COVID-19 pandemic and find a way to play the 2020 season. For the Browns, a big step was taken as some of their biggest stars made their way into the team facilities this week.

Cleveland Browns trade chatter: David Njoku deal likely happens — Nick Dudukovich, Factory of Sadness

“Longtime Browns writer Tony Grossi said that in a normal year, Njoku’s wish would probably be granted, much like Duke Johnson’s trade request was fulfilled at the end of training camp, last preseason.”

In the end, David Njoku probably will end up being traded ‚— just like Duke Johnson was. As of now, all we can do is wait and see what happens.

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Best Cleveland Browns player to wear No. 47

As of Tuesday, there were 47 days remaining until the Browns kicked off their 2020 season. With that being the case, Casey Kinnamon gave us a look at the best player in Cleveland history to wear No. 47.