NCAA bombshell: Cancellation rumor puts Cleveland Browns, NFL season in jeopardy

Could the Cleveland Browns season be in jeopardy after NCAA bombshell

There was quite the bombshell dropped on sports fans Monday as Dan Patrick went on the air and said that the Big Ten and Pac-12 will be canceling their football seasons on Tuesday due to concerns over the Coronavirus outbreak. If true, the Cleveland Browns and the rest of the NFL could start to feel more pressure to again look at their schedule for 2020.

Patrick didn’t name his source but it’s hard to argue that the long-time sports personality isn’t plugged in — and he rarely drops these kinds of bombshells without having solid information.

For fans wanting college football to continue, there was some good news after Patrick’s claim. After his Big Ten and Pac-12 shocker, Patrick said the SEC still wants to play and they could look to add more teams this season. He says they’re also looking for exclusive TV rights and want to see what the ACC has planned as well before going forward.

That could be good news for those wanting football to be played but there still has to be some concern for fans of the NFL. With major college conferences rumored to be joining some of the smaller ones — such as the MAC — in canceling the seasons, there’s now a greater risk that pressure will mount on the NFL to shut things down.

The truth is, none of us knows what the right thing to do is. We are facing unprecedented times in America — and around the globe as well.

We have seen the NBA do well with their restart by having players live in a “bubble” where they have no outside contact. They have kept their sport going and the players have remained safe and healthy. However, such an option might not be feasible for the NFL as their 53-man rosters would be much more difficult to isolate than the 15 players NBA teams typically have.

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Still, there are big decisions ahead and unfortunately, most of the news has been getting worse, not better. And this latest bombshell could have a major impact on the short-term future of the game we love.

Update: Patrick’s claim has been proven true at least for the Big Ten as they have voted to cancel their season.