Browns: Inadequacies of David Njoku vasty overblown from reality

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Cleveland Browns tight end David Njoku

Browns tight end David Njoku. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

Fans need someone to hate and it seems to be David Njoku for the Browns

Every year there seems to be a player with a target on their back in the fanbase of the Cleveland Browns. Heading into the 2020 season, that player appears to be fourth-year tight end David Njoku due to perceived drop issues. However, these perceived inadequacies to Njoku’s game are either statistically overblown or systematically outdated.

The main argument against Njoku in any conversation always comes back to his hands and their dependability.

Could Njoku be a bit more consistent in traffic and in crucial situations? Absolutely, but these perceived drop issues are certainly not as bad as the fanbase makes them out to be.

Taking a look at Njoku’s forgettable 2019 season

How can anyone hold 2019 against any of the Browns? A year where former general manager John Dorsey overstepped his bounds with roster management, and year where former head coach Freddie Kitchens was in well over his head. Njoku had only two drops in limited action a year ago, one on the play that set his season back.

Njoku suffered a concussion and a broken wrist on the same play in the second week of the season against the New York Jets. He was never right after returning from that injury as well and was mismanaged by Dorsey and Kitchens on gameday.

Before that, Njoku had started the season with a solid Week 1 performance against the Tennessee Titans where he snagged four passes, including one for a touchdown. He was poised to add on to his successful 2018 campaign where he looked poised to be the next big tight end in the league.

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