Kareem Hunt, Andrew Berry statements refreshing for Cleveland Browns fans

The Cleveland Browns recently extended Kareem Hunt on Tuesday

The Cleveland Browns extended running back Kareem Hunt on Tuesday, according to a report from Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network. The deal is for two seasons and is due to set him up with $13.25 million more, with $8.5 million guaranteed, per Rapoport.

So all together, Hunt, who was a restricted free agent entering this past offseason, as DPD’s Randy Gurzi noted, is set to be in Cleveland for the next three seasons. For the Browns, this should seemingly give them quite the backfield tandem with Hunt and Nick Chubb for the next two seasons.

Chubb was of course second in the NFL in rushing with 1,494 yards in 2019, and again, with him and Hunt firmly in the fold, Cleveland should have a more than formidable duo of backs, as DPD’s Nick Pedone clearly emphasized. Under head coach Kevin Stefanski, also, Hunt and Chubb should both have their share of touches.

Anyway, even while Chubb is clearly the RB 1 at this point, and one could see for 2021 as well, given his production, this would seem to be a solid move by Cleveland and general manager Andrew Berry to lock up Hunt early, as Gurzi alluded to.

After all, Hunt is a really talented back in his own right, and he led the NFL in rushing with 1,327 yards as a rookie in 2017 with the Kansas City Chiefs. He also had 824 yards in 2018 before being released by KC in response to the video of Hunt’s off-field incident involving a woman, of which factored into Hunt being suspended for Cleveland’s first eight games of 2019.

It appears that Hunt has come a heck of a long way, though, and he’s seemingly been a model teammate on and off the field since coming to the Browns. A statement by him and Berry following Hunt’s extension, from my perspective, further demonstrates that, too.

Recent statements from Hunt and Berry themselves are refreshing to see as a Cleveland Browns fan.

Following Hunt’s extension, he showed his true gratitude/thanks to all parties involved per a statement, and Berry seemingly illustrated how Hunt, since he’s been with the Browns, has been a diligent worker and has been a model teammate, according to the club. Berry one is sure has taken Hunt’s tangibles, and is betting Hunt still will be able to have the needed intangibles, moving forward.

Here were the relevant statements from Hunt and Berry, for further context, via the Cleveland Browns, both of which are refreshing to see as a fan of the squad.

“Cleveland has always been home to me,” was a powerful opening from Hunt, who went to and was a megastar at nearby Willoughby South High, and looking onward, this deal and these statement from him and Berry seemingly indicate that the Browns have a really nice piece locked up.

Not enabling the market to set for the talented ball carrier was an intelligent move, too, one would assume. Hunt, who has registered 28 total touchdowns (rushing and receiving) in his essentially two-and-a-half seasons, has also forced the second-most missed tackles since 2017 in the NFL on runs, per Pro Football Focus’ Browns coverage. His receiving prowess is also a factor, evidenced by his 37 receptions in just eight games in 2019 — proving he’s a true every-down back.

In any case, the above statements are refreshing as a Cleveland Browns fan in knowing that they have a player whose working especially hard to seemingly change his image, be a model teammate, and help this team turn into a winner. It’s good to know that in the coming years, at least what’s set to be the next two, Cleveland will have Chubb and Hunt to help out Baker Mayfield, Odell Beckham Jr., Jarvis Landry, Austin Hooper, and others in the passing game.

Hopefully, Hunt keeps his best foot forward. As far as Chubb goes, we’ll have to see what plays out there, but it seems reasonable to think that Hunt could end up being a heck of a hometown success story.

And when it comes to Cleveland in that regard, there’s really nothing else like that. My congrats go out to Hunt.