Cleveland Browns News: Argument for trading Odell Beckham to help Baker Mayfield

One writer thinks the Cleveland Browns could help Mayfield by trading OBJ

It’s not football season until Odell Beckham, Jr. trade rumors surface — which means it’s finally football season. On Tuesday, the rumors began as Mike Francesa started things up by saying the Cleveland Browns are looking to trade their start wideout after a frustrating opening weekend.

As is always the case with any rumor, there were also quick reports that refuted this. We will never truly know what goes on behind the scenes, but Mary Kay Cabot of thinks it’s not a bad idea to trade Beckham. In fact, she thinks it could be good for Baker Mayfield.

One argument that she made is that the rapport is not good between the two. In her own words, she says: “the disconnect is still there, and it’s real.” And after 17 games, it’s hard to argue against that.

Both OBJ and Mayfield are saying we need to give it time and that it has to come “naturally,” but it’s also fair to wonder if this is false hope.

There’s more to dive into when it comes to Beckaham and the Browns, which is exactly what MKC does in her article. That story and more can be found below in today’s Daily Dawg Tags.

Cleveland Browns News

The Browns should let Odell Beckham Jr. seek a trade if they remain committed to Baker Mayfield, and one report says they’re already shopping him — Mary Kay Cabot,

“If the Browns are 100% committed to Baker Mayfield — and all signs say they are — they should let Odell Beckham Jr. seek a trade.”

From there, Cabot went on to point to the lack of production OBJ has had in the AFC North, saying he has just 296 yards and two scores in seven games. Clearly, there’s an issue and after hearing all throughout 2019 that it would take time, Mary Kay is starting to wonder if the team should continue to wait.

‘Baker Mayfield isn’t that talented’ says ESPN analyst — Troy L. Smith,

“We should not be crushing Baker Mayfield this morning. You know why? Because Baker Mayfield isn’t that talented,” (Ryan) Clark proclaimed. “So, in turn, it is our fault, not his fault. It’s my fault that I thought he should have been number one overall. It’s my fault that I expected him to be a superstar.”

Former Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Ryan Clark went in on Baker Mayfield. At this point, it’s becoming harder to defend him with anything other than blind faith. Mayfield was legit coming out of Oklahoma and was solid in 2018. However, 2018 feels like forever ago. Thankfully, Thursday night is almost here which could give us a chance to see if No. 6 can find that spark once again.

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Browns, Baker Mayfield need to get Austin Hooper going in coming weeks

Our own Dan Gilinsky thinks one of the best ways for Mayfield to get back on track would be to get Austin Hooper involved in the gameplan. The big tight end was a huge signing this offseason so targeting him doesn’t seem like a bad idea whatsoever.