Way too early Week 2 Cleveland Browns fan rooting guide

What can Cleveland Browns fans root for Sunday?

Victory Sunday. After a miserable Week 1 performance, the Cleveland Browns came out and got the job done Thursday night, beating the Bengals 35-30. The difference between the Week 1 and 2 Browns was night and day, at least for the offense.

Four key takeaways from Thursday’s win? The offense is back. The defense needs a lot of work. The Browns better get ready to pay Denzel Ward. Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt are the two-headed monster that the Browns should ride all season long.

So, as we get to sit back and watch the other 30 NFL teams play their respective games, who are some teams we can root for?

The obvious:

Broncos (against Pittsburgh)

Texans (against Ravens)

If anything, I see the Texans having a better shot at stealing one against one of our division rivals, believe it or not. The Texans are at home and currently sit at 0-1, and Deshaun Watson does not want to start 0-2. Who would?

The Steelers will be at home to face the Broncos and inexperienced quarterback Drew Lock, who lost a close one in Week 1 on Monday Night Football against the Titans. The Steelers should have no issues in this one, as their defense looked stellar in Week 1 and Ben Roethlisberger looked like he didn’t skip a beat. Who else can Browns fans root for in Week 2?

The creative:

Vikings (against Colts)

Saints (against Raiders)

Dolphins (against Bills)

The Colts, Raiders and Bills all fall into my “way too early” potential wild card contenders with the Browns. While all these teams could still all go for their respective division titles, why not root against them early?

Similar to 2018 in Baker Mayfield‘s rookie year, fans were having to rely on too many other x’s and o’s for the Browns to have a shot to get in. This season, let’s hope the Browns take care of business early and often this season, so they have a shot to get in based off of their strong play.

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For now, the Browns can enjoy their Sunday off as they get ready to prepare for Washington next Sunday.